Stoner Dictionary | Caked

Caked: adjective/noun 1. the state of being extremely high on marijuana; beyond baked

Example: “I took a rip from the six-footer and I am caked.”

Cake can be referred to as the next highest level after baked, and what happens when you bake? You get caked! The name is clever enough and represents a new level of high. You’ve puffed and puffed until you were completely marijuana wasted, and now you’re caked. This term also refers to the euphoric feeling you feel when becoming extremely high, like a fluffy cake.

Many times the result of you being in the state of being extremely high you will be wanting to eat some cake, and lots of it. Though it may not be the most popular term used today it can still carry its weight in the stoner world and is used plenty. Maybe instead of lighting up the bong and getting baked, you can put some highly potent buds in that bowl and get caked.

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