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Cannabutter: noun 1. cannabis infused butter

Example: “I made this special peach cobbler with cannabutter.”

Looking to make a tasty treat? Well if you’re like many other cannabis lovers, you’ll probably need cannabutter. With cannabutter, the possibilities are taken to a higher level, if you know what I mean. To make a good dose of cannabutter, you’ll need four sticks of butter and an ounce of marijuana. Next, you melt the butter, stir in the marijuana, making sure to keep it at a medium heat so as not to burn the butter or the weed, then remove from heat and strain it. Once the butter is prepared, you can use it for any cooking you would normally use butter for, but it’s most popular in pastries and desserts. A good cookie goes a long way. The high from edibles usually lasts longer than smoking and are often more intense. And of course, the more you eat the higher you will get and the longer it will last. Making your own special treats, like any other controlled substance, has pros and cons. The pros are it is more convenient and discreet than smoking, it is not harmful on your lungs, throat and mouth, it is longer lasting, and the possibilities are endless! From spaghetti to peach cobbler, you can basically toss that cannabutter in your favorite recipe and enjoy a stoney delight. The cons are that it is much more difficult to dose. With the dishes listed above, for example, you do not know exactly how much you are getting in each bite making it easy to eat too much. You might be thinking, “you can never eat too much weed!” This is, unfortunately, not the case. It is not the fear of overdosing that is the issue (because that is not a possibility), but rather the fear of extreme discomfort. When weed is eaten instead of smoked,

the THC is digested through your stomach instead of absorbed through the capillaries in your lungs, causing a much more potent and longer lasting high.

The feeling of being high on an edible is very different than from smoking. When smoked, the peak will often last 2-3 hours on average. On edibles, the peak can last anywhere from 2-8+ hours, depending on how fast your body can metabolize the THC. For novices, the peak can be so intense that many have experienced extreme anxiety and sometimes even nausea. Remember, you can always eat more but you can never eat less!You can obviously make your own marijuana treats, but you can also find them at many marijuana dispensaries. The potency is often rated as 1x, 2x and 3x (3x being the highest potency). For the inexperienced cannabis user, this is the best way to acquire edibles. Oftentimes, the ingredients will be listed along with the amount of butter used. Also, at a dispensary, you are able to interact with other experienced cannabis users who can advise you dosage, potency, and any other questions you may have, leading to a better edible experience. With the variety of treats offered such as brownies, cereal bars, cookies, and even cheesecake, purchasing edibles at your local medical marijuana dispensary is going to be your best bet.

For those of you in states where these clinics are not yet available or those of you who just enjoy the thrill of cooking with cannabis, then check out our enticing Stoner Cookbook!


Stoner Dictionary | Cannabutter

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