Stoner Dictionary | Bud 

Bud: noun 1. the flowers or colas of the cannabis plant containing the highest concentrate of psychoactive compounds tetrahydrocannabinol, cannabidiol, and cannabinol 2. the part of the cannabis plant most prevalently smoked

Example: “There is a beautiful bud glistening on my God’s Gift in the backyard.”

Bud is a colloquial word with many meanings. To some, it is a term of endearment used with familiarity and warmth when referring to a close friend, or buddy. In this case, you can never have too many buds. It can also refer to the birth of an idea, concept, or sometimes even a dilemma as the phrase “nip it in the bud” is typically used. In terms of botany and horticulture, the word bud means new life and describes an unopened flower bloom. Like an embryo is to the human, the bud is still undeveloped, in the stage before fruit or flower. The term “budding” represents birth, bloom, and the beginning of something beautiful. The produce reaped from the cannabis plant has also been referred to as “bud” for years as it is the part of the plant most popularly harvested for comsumption. Just like buddies, you can never have to many of these buds either. While the leaves do contain THC, the bud is the organ of the plant that contains the highest concentration of THC, CBD and CBN.

The leaves are smokable, but are usually harsh to inhale and have a minimal psychotropic effect.

If you are growing and do not want to waste the leaves but would rather not smoke them when you have so many tasty buds to smoke, the leaves are great for making concentrates, cannabutter, or cannaoil. The entire plant can be used, from stalk to flower.The Bible talks of a plant to be picked when “the bud is just right,” the Koran compares the followers of God to “ripened buds” and the Torah warns that people who “produce no bud will be cast into the fire.” The buds of the cannabis plant, when ingested, bloom in the soul, healing us physically, mentally and emotionally. These beautiful buds bring us peace and compassion, not just in its consumption, but also in what they represent: earth, sharing, spirituality, healing, and love.

What other budding plant found on earth could these religious books be speaking of?

The cannabis plant is the only plant of infamy that has the ability to heal nations and bring worlds together. Yet for some reason there is a government war against it. Unfortunately, human nature cannot exist without both light and darkness. While the cannabis plant is the epitome of light, the darkness of human nature will always corrupt it, as we have with everything on this planet. Though this darkness is inescapable, love and purity still prevails. Every recorded prophetic prediction calls for a time of great injustice and excessive imprisonment and proclaims that a plant will set them free. The kings of men gather their forces against this quietly concurring plant and yet still cannabis grows as if the earth demands it. The smells and angelic hues of the bud plant are sure to amaze and when smoked, the effects of this utopian fruit will put you in your own peaceful paradise.

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