Stoner Dictionary | Hookah

Hookah: noun 1. a single or multi stemmed smoking instrument in which the smoke is cooled by passing through water in a basin or reservoir at the base of the apparatus

Example: “I sprinkled some herb on top of the tobacco in my hookah.”

Smoking can sometimes be harsh on the lungs and the vocal chords, this is one reason the hookah, or water pipe was created.  This process of smoking originated in the regions around India and Persia. It’s widely used today by those in the Jewish and Muslim religions. For many, the hookah is used as a means of purifying the smoke as well as cooling it. Also, the marijuana or tobacco is slowly burned by a coal as opposed to open flame. In recent years, the hookah has gained a lot of popularity in the United States even being featured in popular music videos.

Hookahs come in many shapes and sizes, but the interesting part about them is that more than one person can smoke from it at any time.

This makes it great for social gatherings. It is also said that the rich and powerful were the only ones that used them when it was first used in India. So think of it as a sign of prestige when enjoying the wonders of the hookah.

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