Hemp Wick

Stoner Dictionary | Hemp Wick

Hemp Wick: noun 1. a small hemp rope usually with a wax coating used as an alternative method of lighting marijuana

Example: “I like using the hemp wick instead of a lighter because you don’t taste butane.”

Definitely a favorite trick known to all hippie stoners and said to be a hippie original invention. It’s not hard to duplicate, but can be confusing to look at if you’ve never seen one before. Hemp wick refers to the lighting of a hemp rope and using that to light your joint or bowl. Many will testify that by doing this the flame burns much more slow and the smoke is less taxing on your lungs.

People who practice the hemp wick method will usually wrap a thick piece of hemp rope (wick) around their lighters for quick access.

Many consider it to be the cleanest of smoking experiences and the best way to go about lighting a bowl. Using the hemp wick certainly does have its advantages. You don’t have the risk of breathing in the butane noxious gas that a regular lighter flame carries. Also you have more control over the flame this way and can really get into spaces in your bowl. You thought all hippies did was chill on the beach and hacky sack? Oh no, they also appreciate the use of the hemp wick.

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