Stoner Dictionary | Grinder

Grinder: noun 1. a smoking accessory used to grind marijuana buds

Example: “I always use a grinder before I roll up a fatty.”

In some cases accessories can make an entire outfit look more stylish, or in some cases can make entire smoking experiences more enjoyable. A grinder is a sort of marijuana accessory or tool that is used for grinding up the marijuana in preparation for a joint (or whatever you prefer grinded weed for). It’s a container filled with small sharp little poles on the inside and under the lid that once weed is inside, you twist and grind up your marijuana buds.

Many have a small container underneath called a kief catcher that collects the fine trichome residue that sifts through the grinder. It is said that a man named Lewis Heim invented the grinder in the mid twentieth century, and it has been around ever since. Manufacturers have begun to get very creative these days with grinder designs. You can find them in many different materials such as plastic, wood, and metal and ranging in prices from $5 to $25. There are even grinders that look like a metal credit card and works like a cheese greater. These are perfect for travel and music festivals. A grinder is a good pal to have around and saves you from having to use scissors or your hands to break up your Mary Jane. The man with the tools rules!

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