Stoner Dictionary | Cocktail

Cocktail: noun 1. a rolled cigarette containing marijuana and hash, a marijuana concentrate

Example: “That cocktail got me so blitzed I passed out.”

The marijuana cocktail can be a mixture of things. People use this term to describe weed that is laced with hash, tobacco, or sometimes even cocaine. Some prefer to just mix a collection of drugs together to see what they get and call it a cocktail. Most commonly it’s a doobie with hash mixed in. Combining these two together will result in you being very stoned. There is another form of cocktail called the Californian.

This is a tobacco cigarette or cigar with an added piece of marijuana at the end.

You can also stick your roach right inside your cigarette, and then you’ve got yourself a Californian, pretty fancy stuff huh? The beloved version of a joint always has the potential to be exciting, so spoil yourself, who says you shouldn’t have one every now and then.

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