Stoner Dictionary | Funk

Funk: adjective 1. a term used to describe the pungent aroma of marijuana

Example: “My car smells like that funk.”

You can always tell when you’re neighbors are having a nice evening in when that strong odor of Mary Jane dances across your lawn. They’ve got the funk, and it’s strong. Funk is very appropriate when describing the pungent, unusual smell that some buds possess, usually the better ones. This is often used to characterize any strain of high potency cannabis. Stoners first began to use this term in the 1970s when everything was more centered on funk music and soul. It’s still commonly used today to describe the unusual sometimes sweet, sometimes tangy smell of good quality marijuana that is just so easy to fall in love with.

If you and some friends get together and blaze the fine green then y’all have it also. It’s a feeling, a vibe that one acquires through time and involvement with other stoners. Here at StonerDays you can seriously smell the funk outside in the parking lot. It’s sound loud around here you’re gonna need head phones or ear plugs to soften to noise. One must love the sweet smell of the skunk.

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