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Diesel: noun 1. a sativa dominant variety of marijuana strains possessing a pungent gasoline aroma

Example: “The smell of that diesel was like a punch in the face.”

Bustling city streets, yelling taxi cab drivers, city lights, Time Square, New York. NY is said to be the birthplace of this original strain. Its entire history is a bit murky but most agree that it was born from the breeding of the two strains: Chem Dawg, Super Skunk, and maybe a few others to get what we call petrol today. When talking weed you are actually referring to an entire family, and a pretty big one at that. Most diesel strains are sativa and indica hybrids with a higher sativa percentage. This considers them to be good “daytime” strains. By far the celebrity of the family is Sour Diesel. This name rings a bell to most avid cannabis users and is often a first choice.

Known for the orange strands entangled in it and tangy tart taste that all good strains possess, it’s a quality choice. Some other members of the family include Day Wrecker, Bio Diesel, NYC Diesel and the list goes on. Since the smoke is high sativa you can expect fun filed high energy, and strong experiences. What more could you ask for?

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