Darth Maul

Stoner Dictionary | Darth Maul 

Darth Maul: noun 1. a marijuana cigarette that is lit at both ends and smoked from the middle

Example: “That Darth Maul joint got me high as a kite.”

Just like the famous double sided light saber used by Darth Maul in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, the DM joint will cut your sobriety like a laser. The process of rolling a DM joint is a skill. First you must roll two separate joints. Then, you insert a crutch  in between the two joints, fusing them together. Tear a small piece of rolling paper and cover the crutch, adhering the two sides. Last, delicately cut a hole in the middle of the crutch and voila! Another method which is simpler, is to roll an extra long joint either using extra large papers or fusing several standard sized papers together and poke a small hole in the middle. The only problem with this is that the paper becomes too moist and the draw is not as satisfying, but this method will get you high nonetheless!

Now light both ends and let the force be strong with you as you smoke two joints at once.


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