Stoner Dictionary | Dub-twenty

Dub-twenty: noun 1. twenty dollars worth of marijuana 2. two grams of marijuana

Example: “Hey Bode, you got a dub I can buy off you?”

When considering buying your tree from an individual, at the end of the day a scale will probably need to be your best friend. A dub is what you’ll get in return for $20 worth of weed. Depending on the quality of what you’ll be getting determines how much weed you’ll be left with. In certain areas though, a dub is used to describe 2 grams of dank and will usually cost you around $15 a gram or more. High quality Mary Jane can be a little harder to estimate in terms of a dub because it might be lighter, or denser than a poorer quality depending on the grower’s method. The best way to tell where you would personally like to purchase a dub sack is experience. Shop around and have fun going to different places in the city collecting dubs and see what you get!

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