cherried marijuana bowl


Stoner Dictionary | Cherried

Cherried: noun 1. when the bowl of marijuana is lit and the ember continues to burn through many rounds of smoking without re-lighting.

Example: “You don’t need to light it, it’s cherried.”

Achieving a cherry during a smoke session is somewhat of an art. Many people wonder if there is a certain technique that will guarantee them a cherried bowl or if it is hit or miss. A cherried bowl refers to you lighting your marijuana in a particular way that keeps it lit throughout your entire session. That’s why when receiving a bowl or joint in a rotation one should not talk so much that the cherry ends up going out.

Some people enjoy this method because they feel they can achieve bigger hits and smoke the herb without inhaling the butane of your lighter.

 Usually to achieve a nice cherried bowl, you would put the marijuana loosely in your bowl allowing air to flow freely through the bud, thus keeping it lit. If you are the type that prefers your weed denser, it can still be achieved in a tightly packed bowl if you take hits more frequently. This works best with a group. Whatever your preference, cherried or no cherries, no worries, it’s all sweet.

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