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CocoaPuffs: noun 1. marijuana laced with cocaine

Example: “Did we just smoke cocoa puffs? That bowl made me so hyper!”

Marijuana can often be laced with other drugs. This term was made famous by the Nelly song “Country Grammar” in the lyrics “shimmy, shimmy, cocoa what? Listen to it proud, light it up and take a puff, pass it to me now.” Whether or not Nelly was actually referring to a bowl of weed with cocaine sprinkled on top is unknown, but that is the way it was perceived by many. Not to be confused with the famous chocolate cereal that makes you go cuckoo, cocoa puffs can be dangerous for the unknowing users. Other drugs are not as docile as our old friend Mary Jane, and can have adverse effects depending on the users health, body chemistry and mental state. Also, smoking cocaine is very different than snorting it and can sometimes be harmful.

As peace-loving pot smokers, it is easy to trust any bowl or joint that is passed your way, because who would lace pot without telling you?

Unfortunately, it does happen, not often, but often enough. Either way, be smart. Though nothing compares to a pure bowl of the sacred herb, depending on who you purchase it from, it can sometimes offer a little extra pep in your step. Having personally tried it unintentionally, I felt a more energetic sense of euphoria. Because the uplifting cocaine is combined with the calming effects of marijuana, it is not quite as intense of a high as snorting it. It was a quite enjoyable experience, but I cannot recommend it as cocaine is one hell of a drug.

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