Half Pound

Stoner Dictionary | Half Pound

Half Pound: noun 1. 8 ounces or 224 grams of marijuana

Example: “I sold a half pound of Skywalker OG to the dispensary.”

If you’re in a routine where you continuously score half pounds, then you can consider yourself on Cheech and Chong status. A half pound of weed is approximately 224 grams. Seeing as how this is a pretty large order, your prices are most likely going to start in the hundreds. An indicator for cost could go something like this; $400-$500 for reggie, $600-$650 for mid, and $1500-$1750 for dank. Of course these prices aren’t guaranteed and could go up or down depending on a wide range of factors.

For most smoking veterans a half pound still feels like a very good amount to smoke with, and a party worth celebrating.

A half p is a generous amount of kush for ones liking also. If one were to smoke a gram a day they would have enough mary jane for more than 7 months.

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