Stoner Dictionary | Doobie

Doobie: noun 1. a rolled marijuna cigarette

Example: “Dale rolled a doobie for disc golf.”

“Black Water,” “China Grove,” “Listen to the Music,” “Takin’ it to the Streets,” any of these songs ring a bell? These are just a few hits from the ever so talented Doobie Brothers, and just by their name they were probably on to something. A doob is another slang term for joint, its literal translation means marijuana cigarette. Was more popular in the 1970s when it was widely used to describe a hand rolled joint. Depending on where you live it is still commonly used. You may even hear people use its short form in conversation, “I’m about to roll myself a fat doob.” Go ahead and feel free to use one as part of your regular marijuana vocab. If you offer your pal a doobie and he has no clue what that is, just light it, then he’s sure to know exactly what you mean.

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