Stoner Dictionary | Hotbox

Hotbox: verb 1. the act of smoking marijuana in a confined space allowing one to continually inhale the residual smoke

Example: “Let’s hotbox my car before we go into the movie.”

Are you tired of letting your weed escape into the air without ever making its way to your lungs?

Well we have just the answer to your problem. Introducing the hotbox! The hotbox is any enclosed area you smoke in that allows you to continuously breathe in residual smoke and therefore bake. Your car, a tent, or even under the covers could become your favorite place, try it if you dare. The hotbox, as many call it, is literally a room full of smoke, a thought that sounds like heaven to most avid smokers. Being in the hotbox sure gives those inside a high considered to be higher than usual.

Even if you aren’t smoking you can be sure to get a contact high that can be out of this world.

Bottom line is that if you’re smoking, it’s not a bad place to be. When you park and spark there’s no better feeling with the kush and breeze in the air. Go the the hills with a view or the drive in and catch flick.

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