Homegrown – Stoner Dictionary

Homegrown: adjective 1. a term describing marijuana that is grown at home

Example: “Have you tried my homegrown batch? It’s pretty dank!”

Marijuana should be nurtured, protected, and loved. All of these factors have an effect on the marijuana and are said to produce the best quality, good feeling weed we like to call homegrown. Homegrown is exactly how it sounds, weed grown at home. Not meant for profit or glory, simply meant to share and enjoy. This method of growing marijuana is often sought after because of the one on one love and attention the plants receive. This will probably end up producing better quality and more potent buds. There are so many different types of homegrown. There is the good old fashioned plant in pot on dresser method, like a regular house plant. While this method could potentially yield you some sticky buds, unless you put some more elbow grease into it, you might be a little disappointed with the turn out. Another method is outdoor in the ground or in pots, your cannabis plant hanging out with all the other plants in your garden. You can definitely create some splendid herbs this way, but outdoor can be tricky depending on the climate of your location. The best, and most popular, methods of homegrowing seems to be geoponic and hydroponic indoor, often done inside closets, garages, basements, attics, or that spare bedroom you were thinking of converting into an office. Geoponic uses traditional soil and hydroponic uses a nutrient infused water system sans soil. A very efficient and high yielding method is called aeroponics, also known as fogponics. A rarer and less frequently used technique, when mastered, aeroponics will provide you with great rewards. Aeroponics uses a suspension system where the roots are exposed and have full range to grow. This method requires oxygen and nutrient infused water to be misted in intervals on the roots. Aeroponics require much more investment capital, research and work than the other common homegrown techniques, but can increase your yield by double, sometimes even triple. With the right lighting, nutrients, and knowledge, you could quickly be on your way to some tasty homegrown herbs. The beauty of homegrown marijuana is that you know exactly what was put into it and how it was grown. Not to mention there is nothing like smoking herb in which you put in your whole heart and soul. That is a feeling that you cannot purchase from a dispensary or dealer. 

Homegrown is especially popular in California because of its laws on caregiving and medical marijuana laws. Of course this method does not always guarantee the best buds. If you’re an inexperienced grower and haven’t quite got the hang of things yet, you might yield some really poor homegrown. Do not fret, if you have not found your green thumb just yet, it is something that requires practice and the acquisition of knowledge over time. The key to homegrown success are the conditions. You should be prepared to provide your crop with whatever it needs. It’s a tedious but very rewarding process when done correctly.

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