Stoner Dictionary | Hit

Hit: verb/noun 1. a dose of marijuana usually in smoke or vapor form 2. the act of inhaling a dose of marijuana usually in smoke or vapor form

Example: 1. “I hit that bong like a champ.” 

One, two, three hits straight to the face and I think this is it, oh yea it is, knock out.

On the floor and out for the count. Does this ring a bell? Kind of like what happens when taking hits from a bong or a fatty huh? In the marijuana world don’t have anything to do with the top of the charts, this is all about inhaling. Taking hits isn’t always easy especially for beginners.

Some smoke is heavy and forces a cough to interrupt.

A “good” rip is equivalent to a nice long breath. Then you will feel the smoke literally hit your lungs, and now hold it. Holding your hit in your lungs is believed by many to intensify the high. Gravity bongs are known for giving quality big hits every time, and if you think you’re ready to hang with the heavy weights, go ahead and take a hit.

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