Iron Lungs

Stoner Dictionary | Iron Lungs 

Iron Lungs: noun 1. a title applied to a person who has the ability to inhale copious amounts of marijuana smoke into the lungs

Example:Iron lungs cleared that five foot bong!”

A term of endearment to many smokers, some stoners feel this is a validation among their peers. The ability to inhale massive hits and still make it out with lungs intact and ready to consume another. Some feel that this is a characteristic that comes along with the intense continuous practice of smoking weed. Others believe that you either have it, or you don’t. On the other end of things, the iron lung can often be the kill joy of the party. No one wants to share the bong with the guy who empties the entire bowl in one hit, or turns your fatty into a halfie in one pull.

But if you happen to wear the name iron lungs like a badge of honor, by all means go right ahead and feel proud!

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