Stoner Dictionary | Chillum

Chillum: noun 1. a straight, conical pipe with no carb

Origin: India

Example: “It’s not a pipe it’s a chillum, smoke it like a joint.”

When the thought of inhaling good old Mary Jane comes to mind, we seldom think of a chillum as an awesome means of smoking it. Well ironically, a chillum was actually one of the first smoking apparatuses used. Its use for marijuana is said to have begun in India where it is still widely used today. Its simple design and stone material make it very easy to make and therefore inexpensive to buy.

 Chillums are basically straight pipes with a cone like shape and have a net on the inside to hold the weed, while smoking you’ll have to hold the pipe upright to keep the weed from falling out.

You will typically get one to three hits out of a chillum, but you can bet the hits will be pretty big. So if you’re up for a strong but rewarding smoke, go for the chillum you really can’t go wrong. The taste is smooth and the rip is pure. Also a great size piece for on the go stoners.


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