Stoner Dictionary | G-Pen

G-Pen: noun 1. a type of personal pocket-sized concentrate vaporizer

Origin: created by Grenco Science

Example: “I love bringing my G-Pen to music festivals cause no one knows what it is.”

Just like the telephone, electronic marijuana devices are getting smaller and fancier as the years go by. First there was the E-Cig, a small indiscreet vaporizer that was often disguised as a cigarette. While it was great for convenience and secrecy purposes, the E-Cig required specific cartomizers, that is, a device that is both a cartridge and atomizer, that could only be purchased at certain dispensaries.

The cartomizers usually contain a cannabis tincture which ranges in potency.

Supposedly each cartomizer is around 100 draws or roughly 1 pack of cigarettes. There are a lot of similar looking devices that are meant to be cigarette replacements and run using tinctures, or nicotine serum, instead of wax. Though they function very similarly, they are not interchangeable. You cannot use the tincture fluid in the G-Pen as you cannot use wax in an E-Cig. There are also various portable vaporizers that do not require tincture or wax, but actually just good ol’ fashioned greens. The Wispr Vaporizer is one of the most popular and runs at around $270 brand new. Though a little more cumbersome than the G-Pen, the design is discreet and stylish for those who want to vape on the go without the intensity of wax.

The G-Pen is an elegant reinvention of the E-Cig and is truly the future (and present) of smoking. Instead of running on cartomizers, the G-Pen actually vaporizes wax, which is a form of highly potent concentrate. Wax is much easier to acquire because it is available at almost all medical marijuana dispensaries and it is 2-3 times more potent than the cartomizers therefore requiring less to smoke at a time. Because of its sleek design and odorless emission, many cannot tell that it is a device used for smoking cannabis concentrate,

therefore it is best for smoke breaks during work, in the car, at concerts or music festivals, or anywhere you wanna toke indiscreetly.

At a recent California music festival, for example, in order to enter the campgrounds, all of our cars had to be searched. Completely forgetting that we left the G-Pen on the dashboard, we prayed that our little friend would not be confiscated, or worse, we were denied admittance to the festival. Neither happened, because the security guards searching the cars did not even acknowledge it or recognize it as a smoking device. It literally looks like a pen! A little on the pricier side ranging from $50-$80, this is a must-have investment for the adventurous smoker or the smoker who is on-the-go. Dispensaries that carry the G-Pen will most likely carry pre-filled chambers called G-Tanks. Though they are a little pricier than just purchasing the wax on its own, it gives you an extra tank for future use and saves you the hassle of handling the wax. Next time you are thinking of dropping a few bills on some new glassware, think outside the bong and give the G-Pen a try.

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