Stoner Dictionary | Irie

Irie: adjective 1. the state of being or becoming high on marijuana; feeling peaceful, content, and blissful 2. an acronym for “I respect I eternally”

Origins: It was originally a word used in the Rastafarian culture for feeling great, being enlightened and in a higher mental state. This then became a slang term for specifically describing the effects of smoking the sacred kaya.

Example: “Let’s just chill out tonight,  roll a blunt, get irie and let all of our troubles melt into smoke.

Irie is a multifaceted term. Before it is even used to describe cannabis, it is a powerful word meant instill peace, compassion and respect. It is enlightenment, Nirvana, and encourages the respect of others and oneself. Lovely Mary Jane can make you feel irie with her sweet smoke and trusty THC, but truly being irie depends solely on you. While feeling irie is the same as feeling stoned, baked, torched, lit, blitzed, blazed, or whatever you choose to call it, being irie is a step beyond the secular. In Rastafarian culture, marijuana, or kaya, is considered their sacred holy herb. While it is smoked recreationaly, it is also smoked spiritually, for meditation and to reinforce a sense of community. Kaya is often smoked ritualistically in large gatherings preceded by this prayer: Glory be to the father and the maker of creation. As it was in the beginning is now and ever shall be World without end: Jah Rastafari: Eternal God Selassie I. To the Rastafarian, this holy herb is part of their religion. According to the United States census, Rastafarian is not even considered a religion. This only matters to those who do not practice it, for true religion comes from within and organized religion comes from paper.

Bob Marley poignantly stated that “when you smoke herb, it reveals you to yourself.” When used in correlation with meditation, marijuana can help you bridge the gap between the secular world and the depths of your consciousness. The soothing and introspective effects of herb can allow you to lower emotional barriers, change your perspectives and better understand your own emotions as well as the emotions of others. As a beautiful plant that was a gift from God, Allah, Gaya, aliens, evolution, or whatever it is you believe, Mary Jane tells no lies. She knows only truth and will often reveal it, as well. Many in the Rastafarian culture believe that smoking marijuana heightens the sense of community amongst their villages and towns. It is often smoked in groups or gatherings, encouraging harmonious interactions and coexistence. They believe in peace, creativity and harmony through kaya. Never has a plant garnered so many followers, lovers, supporters, activists, and haters. A perfect example of human nature’s balance between light and dark. Next time you feel like staying in and getting torched off your gourd, take your high to a higher state and get irie. Put on your favorite record or playlist, roll up a fatty, and let your soul glow like a thousand fireflies, let your heart flow like the windy skies, and let the imperfect truth banish all lies.

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