Mary Jane

Stoner Dictionary | Mary Jane Mary Jane: noun 1. a popular nomenclature for the cannabis plant; English translation of the Mexican-Spanish name Maria Juana or marijuana Example: “I’m in love with Mary Jane, she’s my main thing, she makes me feel alright, she makes my heart sing.” -Rick James What came first, Mary Jane or marijuana? […]



Stoner Dictionary | Reefer Reefer: noun 1. a slang term for a joint or marijuana Example: “I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to learn that all four of them habitually smoked marijuana cigarettes… reefer.” – Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (1970) Green buds of wondrous potential and good vibes, or reefer for short. Reefer is another […]



Stoner Dictionary | Strains Strain: noun 1. a particular type of cannabis that offers different flavors, smells and effects Example: “Lavender Kush is my favorite strain of weed.” A strain of weed is a particular type of weed that will produce a particular type of high every time you smoke it. Strains are classified as […]



Stoner Dictionary | Strikeout Strikeout: noun 1. the act of inhaling a copious hit from a water pipe, pounding a beer, taking a shot, then exhaling the smoke afterwards Origins: The 2006 Broken Lizard comedy Beerfest  Example: “I tried the strikeout for the first time at my party last night and woke up under the banana tree […]



Stoner Dictionary | Purps  Purps: noun 1. a variety of marijuana strains that turn purple when grown in cooler temperatures Example: “I smoked some bomb purps that hit me light a freight train.” History reveals purple to be a color that represents royalty and most smokers would agree that when talking buds, it means the […]



Stoner Dictionary | Spliff Spliff: noun 1. a cigarette containing both marijuana (flower or concentrate) and tobacco Origin: Europe Example: “All we smoked in Spain were spliffs rolled with tobacco and Moroccan hash.” Rolling a spliff is a little different than your average joint. Spliffs are known to contain tobacco in them as well as Mary Jane and are […]


Maui Waui

Stoner Dictionary | Maui Waui Maui Waui: noun 1. a particular sativa strain of marijuana created in the 1960s; also known as Maui Wowie Origin: Maui, Hawaii Example: “That Maui Waui went straight to my head.” Located in one of the dreamiest vacation getaways lies a cannabis plant unlike any other found anywhere else on the planet. […]



Stoner Dictionary | Marijuana Marijuana: noun 1. also marihuana or mariguana, Spanish for Mary Jane; a nomenclature of the cannabis plant Example: “Marijuana is the most amazing plant on the planet.” Everyone calls the oh so famous cannabis plant marijuana. It seems to be a household name and a worldwide agreement that spans many languages. […]



Stoner Dictionary | Plumber Pistils: noun 1. the organ containing pollen receptors of the female cannabis plant that stems from the ovary  Example: “My female had long beautiful pistils.” Ah yes, we can’t forget the good ol’ plumber. The plumber is called when something needs fixing right? Well that’s what some people call the dealer […]



Pipe – Stoner Dictionary Pipe: noun 1. a smoking apparatus usually made from wood, glass, metal, stone, or corncob with a fillable chamber and a mouthpiece Example: “I got a free pipe at the dispensary for being a first time patient.” Since the beginning of smoking, there has been one smoking instrument that has stood the tides […]



Stoner Dictionary | Phillie Phillie: noun 1. a type of marijuana cigar Example: “I tried an old school phillie for the first time last night.” A philli is a common type of blunt that originally comes from the Phillies brand of cigars. It’s an American made cigar originally from Philadelphia. The actual brand name of […]



Stoner Dictionary | Perma-Grin Perma-Grin: noun 1. an abbreviation for a permanent grin Example: “Teresa took one rip of that hash and had a perma-grin all night.” An easy way to tell if someone is completely stoned is the ever joyous perma-grin. Most would agree that if you have some bomb weed and the means […]



Stoner Dictionary | Percolator Percolator: noun 1. a small chamber attached to the shaft of a water pipe that produces inline smoke and water integration through heat exchange Example: “Joe just bought a bong with two percolators!” Mankind is known to be pretty crafty when coming up with creative smoking devices and the percolator is one […]



Shotgun – Stoner Dictionary Shotgun: verb 1. the act of exhaling marijuana smoke into someone else’s mouth Example: “Let me shotgun the smoke to you so it doesn’t hurt your throat.” The shotgun gives smoking together a whole new meaning. It can be done with romantic or platonic intentions and involves one person taking a […]



Stoner Dictionary | Pistils Pistils: noun 1. the organ containing pollen receptors of the female cannabis plant that stems from the ovary  Example: “My female had long beautiful pistils.” One lovely sign that you’ve got yourself a female plant are its delicate pistils. Female marijuana plants will display a centrally located swollen base which are […]



Stoner Dictionary | Session Session: noun 1. a casual gathering of people smoking marijuana Example: “I’m not going out tonight, we’re just gonna stay in and have a smoke session.” Smokey rooms so thick that it’s hard to make eye contact with the person right next to you. There are empty food wrappers of all sorts […]



Stoner Dictionary | Nutes Nutes: noun 1. an abbreviation for nutrients used for growing cannabis Examples: “I used the wrong nutes and they messed up my plants.” When growing your marijuana plants a key ingredient to getting a great yield is a knowledgeable use of nutes. Your correct use of nutes, or nutrients, such as […]



Stoner Dictionary | Nugs Nugs: plural noun 1. a slang term for the dried and manicured smokable flowers, or buds, of the marijuana plant Example: “I got some perfect OG Kush popcorn sized nugs to smoke at the Cypress Hill show.” If you aren’t madly in love with the sight of marijuana then you have probably never seen […]


Puff the Dragon

Stoner Dictionary | Puff The Dragon Puff the Dragon: verb 1. the act of smoking marijuana Example: “We definitely gotta puff the dragon before the Peter, Paul and Mary show.” One of the more playful and less literal sounding phrases to describe smoking weed is to puff the dragon. There seemed to be a bit […]



Stoner Dictionary | Nuggets Nuggets: noun 1. a slang term for the smokable flowers of the marijuana plant Example: “I just got some tasty nuggets from the Kind For Cures dispensary.” Sometimes while searching for quality bud we come across shiny little green trees some like to call nuggets. How is it shiny? Well the shine comes […]


Scissor Hash

Stoner Dictionary | Scissor Hash Scissor Hash: noun 1. the THC resin that collects on scissors or shears from trimming large amounts of cannabis Example: “I trimmed so much herb that I rolled the scissor hash into a ball the size of a blueberry!” A timeless treat to avid growers is scissor hash. This refers to […]



Stoner Dictionary | Schwag Schwag: noun 1. a slang term for extremely low quality marijuana; also known as “swag,” “dirt weed” or “headache weed” Example: “I never buy schwag, I only smoke top shelf.” The one thing every MJ connoisseur hates to come in contact with is schwag, or swag. This is the lowest, most crap […]



Stoner Dictionary | Sativa Sativa: noun 1. a type of marijuana plant that provides an uplifting head high Example: “I only smoke sativa in the day time and indica at night.” There are two main types of marijuana plants: indica and sativa. When smoked, they produce two different feelings and whichever you prefer is solely […]


Salad Bowl

Stoner Dictionary | Salad Bowl Salad Bowl: noun 1. a mixture of several different marijuana strains in one bowl or joint Example: “There’s four different strains in this salad bowl.” Being healthy and eating salads certainly had its advantages on your body, similarly smoking a salad bowl has great advantages on your high level. A […]



Stoner Dictionary | Mota Mota: noun 1. a Mexican slang term for marijuana Example: “Hey paisa, you got any mota?” The literal translation meaning “speck, dot or tiny bit,” the mota worthy of our stoner dictionary is a Spanish slang term for marijuana, predominantly used in Mexico and the United States. Though probably used in […]



Stoner Dictionary | Rollin’ Rollin’: verb/adjective 1. being high on marijuana 2. a term used to describe being high on marijuana Example: “Two joints and bowl later, I was rollin balls.” Rollin’ is known to be what you are when you are high on weed. Many people use this term only when referring to purely psychedelic […]

Duke University Twins Study Concludes

Duke University Twins Study Concludes | Stoner News We’ve all heard that stoner stereotype… People who smoke weed are dumber than people that don’t. Chances are if you’ve heard that and you’re reading this article, you know that that’s a myth. Smoking cannabis doesn’t make you stupid. This statement has been used as ammunition in […]

Here Are 7 Of the Dopest Places You Should Smoke

Here Are 7 Of the Dopest Places You Should Smoke | StonerDays We all love to smoke that sweet Mary Jane but location is everything so get together your finest weed and get ready for the smoking adventure of a life time with our StonerDays list of the 7 Dopest Places You Should Smoke. Enjoy! […]

The difference between a Real Smoker and a HALF ASS SMOKER

The difference between a Real Smoker and a HALF ASS SMOKER All stoners are different but there are those smokers that half ass everything so here is a short list of the difference between the two. Enjoy! REAL SMOKER: Will smoke when they wake up and during work and still kick ass for the day! HALF […]


Top 10 Stoner Munchies

Top 10 Stoner Munchies | StonerDays We know you get the muchies so here is a short list of awesome muchies to have around when you are feeling the rumble in the belly.  Munchos These tasty chips deserve the number one spot on the munchies list for the simple fact that they’re absolutely perfect! Munchos […]



Stoner Dictionary | Kush Kush: noun 1. a particular type of cannabis indica plant Origin: The Hindu Kush Mountains, Pakistan/Afghanistan Example: “I can smell that sweet kush from a mile away.” The indica dominant strain we call kush has a big family but finds its origins from landrace plants mostly in Northern Pakistan and Central […]



Stoner Dictionary | Kryptonite Kryptonite: noun 1. a specific strain of marijuana Example: “Superman wishes he could smoke this kryptonite!” A true indica at its best, this strain represents its heritage to the fullest. Often used as a sleep aid, kryptonite is wonderful for reducing physical pain. Its heritage is said to be from pure […]



Stoner Dictionary | Killer Killer: adjective 1. a term describing very potent high grade marijuana Example: “Nick smoked me out with some killer weed.” Depending on where you live the term killer when referring to weed can be a rather touchy subject. Most frequently when the subject of killer weed comes up it just means […]


13 – The Numerical Code For Marijuana

Stoner Dictionary | 13 – The Numerical Code For Marijuana 13: noun 1. The numerical code for marijuana. Origin: The Hell’s Angels motorcycle gang. They broke into Woodstock and were security for the Rolling Stones at Altamont, their infamy is worldwide. The Hell’s Angels have been a part of the counter-culture since it began. A reputation of […]



Stoner Dictionary | Kief Kief: noun 1. an accumulation of the highly concentrated trichomes found on marijuana buds Example: “I sprinkled some kief on top of the bowl.” The best kind of leftovers that you can imagine. The sugary THC crystals that comes off potent weed are called kief. It’s sometimes entangled with little orange […]


Light Up

Stoner Dictionary | Light Up Light Up: verb 1. the act of lighting marijuana and inhaling it Example: “Hey man, I got a fatty, let’s light up!” You deserve the relaxing ride into High Ville. Means simply to smoke, the act of sparking  a match  your favorite smoking apparatus and entering into the chill zone. […]


Stoner Dictionary Krippy

Stoner Dictionary Krippy Krippy: noun 1. highly potent marijuana Origin: the southern region of the United States Example: “All I wanna do is smoke that krippy all day every day.” Where you live you always try to get your hands on the dank, the fire, some chronic, but your cousins from down south smoke that. […]


How To Roll A Diamond Joint

How To Roll A Diamond Joint | Stonerdays The diamond joint, one of my personal favorites, is one of the simplest, yet most elegant techniques to roll a trick joint. Although it looks like a complicated roll, with ample practice, this joint can easily be mastered. Materials Needed: Rolling Papers Scissors Lighter Sticky strip from […]

Awesome Stoner Adventures

Awesome Stoner Adventures Wake up Stoners, it’s Wake N Bake time! Summer fun is all around, so set out on some awesome stoner adventures this week and don’t forget to bring your bomby kush. Do you wanna show the stoner world your stoner face? Send us your stoner pics to [email protected] or click on the […]

Stoners Bleed Green

Stoners Bleed Green Happy Wake N Bake everyone! Stoners Bleed Green and show your stoner pride! Stretch those lazy bones and grab the bong to jump start your day. Every morning wake up to StonerDays finest hand picked, fan submitted pics daily. Do you wanna show your stoner face to the stoner world? Send us […]



Homegrown – Stoner Dictionary Homegrown: adjective 1. a term describing marijuana that is grown at home Example: “Have you tried my homegrown batch? It’s pretty dank!” Marijuana should be nurtured, protected, and loved. All of these factors have an effect on the marijuana and are said to produce the best quality, good feeling weed we […]



Stoner Dictionary | Hermaphrodite Hermaphrodite: noun 1. a marijuana plant that is both male and female Example: “I exposed my plant to too much light and it went hermaphrodite.” Have you ever heard of a plant going both ways? A hermaphrodite as it’s called, is a marijuana plant that has both male and female parts.They […]



Stoner Dictionary | Indica Indica: noun 1. a type of marijuana plant that provides a potent body high Example: “I prefer indica strains because they help me sleep.” Characterized as shorter, bushier plants with thick, broad leaves providing a body high that can feel heavy and relaxing. They can be found naturally in the mountains […]



Stoner Dictionary | Hybrid Hybrid: noun 1. a type of marijuana that is a cross between two or more different strains either sativa, indica, or a sativa and an indica Example: “California Orange is my favorite hybrid strain.” When it comes to Mary Jane there are two main types found in the world: there is cannabis sativa, […]


Gravity Bong

Stoner Dictionary | Gravity Bong Gravity Bong: noun 1. a homemade marijuana smoking apparatus traditionally made with a 2 liter plastic bottle, a bucket of water, and aluminum foil Example: “The first time I made a gravity bong was in the 9th grade.” The blueprints of this invention should be ingrained in every stoner’s head. […]


Hash Oil

Stoner Dictionary | Hash Oil Hash Oil: noun 1. a type of marijuana concentrate Example: “I picked up a pre-roll dipped in hash oil at the dispensary today.” Short for hashish, hash oil is a form of concentrate, (concentrated THC) that is extremely potent with the active ingredients found in Mary Jane. Most smokers agree […]


Half Ounce

Stoner Dictionary | Half Ounce Half Ounce: noun 1. 14 grams of marijuana Examples:  “I got a half ounce of herb for the music festival this weekend.” There’s a nasty wicked storm brewing outside and you’ve got food to last you a week and a 1/2 ounce of your favorite bud. You won’t be going […]



Stoner Dictionary | Irie Irie: adjective 1. the state of being or becoming high on marijuana; feeling peaceful, content, and blissful 2. an acronym for “I respect I eternally” Origins: It was originally a word used in the Rastafarian culture for feeling great, being enlightened and in a higher mental state. This then became a […]


Half Pound

Stoner Dictionary | Half Pound Half Pound: noun 1. 8 ounces or 224 grams of marijuana Example: “I sold a half pound of Skywalker OG to the dispensary.” If you’re in a routine where you continuously score half pounds, then you can consider yourself on Cheech and Chong status. A half pound of weed is approximately 224 […]

Why Couples Should Smoke Together

Why Couples Should Smoke Together | Stoner Guide We live in a society that definitely doesn’t hide violence. It’s pretty sad how much you see it on the news. Especially domestic violence, which seems to be more common every day. Couples that have the occasional fight aren’t that bad. In fact, studies have shown that arguing […]


Stoner Dictionary | Giggles Giggles: noun 1. an uncontrollable urge to laugh and smile while under the influence of marijuana Example: “We smoked so much weed on our camping trip that we had the giggles all weekend.” Laughing with your friends is such a great feeling that most people enjoy wholeheartedly. Laughing with your friends […]