Employee Fired Over Medical Cannabis Reinstated

Employee Fired Over Medical Cannabis Reinstated | Stoner News Medical and recreational cannabis bring a lot of grey area to the table, seeing as how the federal government still places the plant as a Schedule 1 drug. This grey area is very apparent when it comes to employment. While some jobs don’t drug test, many […]


Government Neglects Medical Marijuana As PTSD Explodes

Government Neglects Medical Marijuana As PTSD Explodes According to the Veterans Administration, which is responsible for the PTSD care of the nation’s vets, there are currently over 3 million service men and women suffering from PTSD. From flashbacks and insomnia to anxiety, nightmares and depression, veterans are coming home to America in need of help […]


Microsoft Enters Cannabuisness

Microsoft Enters Cannabuisness | Stoner News Since cannabis started becoming medically and recreationally legal, the industry has encountered many issues. Banks won’t allow dispensaries to use accounts, security issues, and big business seems to shun those involved in the green rush. Even though medical cannabis has gone a long way, dispensaries are still dealing with […]

The Stoned Army

The Stoned Army | Stoney Submissions StonerDays IG name currently:  @stonerdays @stayblazed StonerDays FB Page: StonerDays StonerDays would like to thank you, for all your support and love. As the stoner community grows so will the voice it carries with it. So lets keep pushing forward. We love to share your stoney images with the world […]


Are Dabs Really The “Crack” of Cannabis?

Are Dabs Really The “Crack” of Cannabis? | Stoner Blog Some of the old school stoners or some that haven’t really been on the internet (or people that are still stuck in reefer madness) genuinely think that cannabis concentrates are comparable to crack. Confusing to say the least, especially since cannabis concentrates (and “dabs”) have […]


Cannabis May Be Able To Halt Alzheimer’s

Cannabis May Be Able To Halt Alzheimer’s | Stoner News There are more than five million American’s that are living with Alzheimer’s Disease, according the to Alzheimer’s Association. It is the sixth leading cause of death in the country. As of right now, there is no cure. But recent research has shown that cannabis may […]

Cannabis Breaks In To Bars

Cannabis Breaks In To Bars | Stoner Guide People often compare cannabis and alcohol, putting them head to head. But some people are beginning to mix the two together… Yes that’s right, cannabis infused alcoholic beverages. That you can order at a bar. Take for example West Hollywood’s Gracias Madre, a vegan Mexican place where […]

Does Marijuana Give You Anxiety?

Does Marijuana Give You Anxiety? You’ll Need This | Stoner Blog Anxiety can be completely debilitating, just ask anyone who suffers from the mind-numbing, pulse-racing mental disorder. As a person suffering with anxiety for over 14 years I can attest that there are a variety of prescription drugs that can help tame the unrest, but […]


StonerDays Presents: The Future Of Weed Delivery

StonerDays Presents: The Future Of Weed Delivery The time has come for a change of delivering you ganja.. Well this was just a fun day at the StonerDays HQ. One of many great ideas put together while we were baked. Unfortunately what you don’t see in the video is the stoner fail that came from […]


Stoned Driving

Stoned Driving | Stoner Guide One of the most heard arguments against legal cannabis is the fact that drivers that are stoned are at high risk for accidents, potentially injuring themselves and others. But even though this is a strong debate point for anti-cannabis supporters, about 70% of people don’t think that driving while stoned […]

How Cannabis Effects the Body

How Cannabis Effects the Body Hey Stoners ever wonder how cannabis effects the body? Well in this short stoner video by National Geographic you will find out just how it works. This video captures the true essence of marijuana while placing you inside the human body. It truly is amazing! Fire up that kush as […]


Banana Bud Bread

Banana Bud Bread | Stoner Cookbook For the best tasting banana bread, use bananas that have the “bruised” spots all over them, be sure to freeze the banana’s you don’t use. You can also substitute with Cannashortening instead of adding straight cannabis. Here’s What You’ll Need: 1/2 cup Shortening 2 Eggs 1 teaspoon Lemon Juice 3 […]


High Beam Solar Glass

High Beam Solar Glass | Stoner Review Ever taken a solar hit? They’re fun and a great way to get stoned creatively. Well, here is an innovative and creative glassblowing company that not only make’s the High Beam Solar Glass but an awesome assortment of products. With colorful and unique glass like Sherlocks, Spoons, Bubblers, Water Pipes, […]

Cannabis Tea Recipe

Cannabis Tea Recipe  Stoners explore the world of cooking and doing it yourself, watch this short Stoner Video on how to make your own Cannabis Tea. Follow the step by step procedure and you too can make a yummy cup of “green” tea! Enjoy! Don’t forget to check out StonerDays Daily Fan Submitted Pics on […]


Stoner Dictionary Weedies

Stoner Dictionary Weedies Weedies: noun 1. consuming cannabis in the morning Example: “Weedies is the breakfast of champions.” Just because you had your weedies this morning and you’re wearing a shirt that says champion, that doesn’t make you a winner. Weed warriors looking to start the day off right Wake and Bake will be reaching for […]


Stoner Dictionary Twomp

Stoner Dictionary Twomp Twomp: noun 1. twenty dollars worth of marijuana Origins: Northern California Example: “Hey I just picked up a twomp, you wanna smoke?” In Northern California, twomp seems to be a more common term for $20 of weed and in Southern California, “dub” is more frequently used. We’re sure they have all their own […]



Stoner Dictionary | Twisted Twisted: adjective 1. extremely high on marijuana; sometimes referring to someone stoned and drunk at the same time Example: “I got way too twisted last night on weed and whiskey.” Mixing alcohol with huge spliffs of dank can provide a smorgasbord of outcomes. A common side effect reported with this psychoactive cocktail […]


Stoner Dictionary Weed

Stoner Dictionary Weed Weed: noun 1. a slang term for marijuana, chronic, cannabis, pot Example: “I smoke every weed yeah, I plant that big ol’ seed man, I smoked every strain there is around.” – Walker Young Wild weed, stinky weed, dirt weed, skank weed, whatever you call it, it still means the same thing: marijuana. […]


Wacky Tobacky

Stoner Dictionary | Wacky Tobacky Wacky Tobacky: noun 1. specifically referring to naturally occurring cannabis sativa Example: “I got some wacky tobacky growin’ out back.” Thomas Jefferson once said, “that as long as America has hemp she will never experience a shortage of cordage.” Well, in 1937 the government completely banned hemp and by 1942, […]


Wake ‘n’ Bake

Stoner Dictionary | Wake ‘n’ Bake   Wake ‘n’ Bake: verb 1. to smoke pot upon awakening Example: “I always start my day with a wake ‘n’ bake.” Nothing cures those sobering slumbers better than giant gobs of green goodies. It’s the best way to “start the day off right man,” exclaims the character “Smokey,” […]



Stoner Dictionary | Vaporizer Vaporizer: noun 1. an electric apparatus that uses a heated glass or metal plate to extract the active ingredients in cannabis, as opposed to a flame, providing a purer inhalant of vapor versus smoke Origin: the Vaporbrothers produced the first vaporizers for cannabis consumers Example: “I love using vaporizers because they […]


Wake And Bake Sandwiches

Wake And Bake Sandwiches | Stoner Cookbook The wake and bake is the most important part of the stoner morning. Without a proper wake and bake, the poor pothead can’t go about their day. So in case you don’t have time to smoke and eat, it’s highly recommended that you eat. But just in case you […]

StonerDays Summer Line 2016

StonerDays Summer Line 2016 | Shop StonerDays Feeling comfortable and still looking good is something that stonerDays takes very seriously. Most smokers these days take pride when putting themselves together in the morning. So how do you keep yourself stoner-ready but still presentable at the same time? StonerDays, offers the comfort of a high quality shirt at […]

Stoner Barbies Smoke like Marley

Stoner Barbies Smoke like Marley    Good Afternoon Stoners it’s time to get your smoke on, it’s 4:20 on the dot! Pack up a bowl and take a look at these sexy Stoner Barbies Smoke Like Marley. Fun stoner fact: Stoner girls are sexy because they look like Barbie but smoke like Bob Marley! Wanna […]

Weed Daily

Weed Daily | Stoney Submissions Good Day Stoners! Hope you’re all having a great stoned day. Wanna get super high? Stoners Smoke Till Ya Choke! This always ensures a nice steady lifted kinda feeling. Showing off your stoner smiles 🙂 Send us your stoner pics to [email protected] or click on the button above to upload them. We […]

Grilled Peach Cannabis Salad

Grilled Peach Cannabis Salad | Stoner Cookbook With summer fast approaching, people are beginning to get prepared for backyard barbecues and trying to look killer in a bathing suit. So while we do understand that candies and confections make great edibles, not everyone wants to mow down on brownies right before beach season. But what […]

Benefits Of Eating Cannabis

Benefits Of Eating Cannabis | Stoner Guide Even though cannabis isn’t federally recognized as a medicine, more and more people are beginning to believe in it’s positive effects. But since smoking has such a negative stigma attached to it, there are some people who would rather eat their cannabis as compared to smoking it. Cannabis […]

Flatbread Pot Pizza

Flatbread Pot Pizza | Stoner Cookbook While some of us take pizza for granted, there are some patients that have sensitive stomachs and cannot ingest this delicious meal. Thankfully, there is a gluten free option out there. Seeing as how patients suffering from Celiac disease and cancer shouldn’t ingest gluten or sugar, it is shocking […]

Stoner Love

Stoner Love | Stoney Submissions   Good Day Stoners! Hope you’re all having a great stoned day. Wanna get super high? Stoners Smoke Till Ya Choke! This always ensures a nice steady lifted kinda feeling. Showing off your stoner smiles 🙂 Send us your pics to [email protected] or click on the button above to upload […]

Children As Young As 11 Can Receive Oxycontin But Not Cannabis

Children As Young As 11 Can Receive Oxycontin But Not Cannabis | Stoner News In the last few years, the United State has seen a surge in opiate related deaths. More and more people are dying from this type of overdose than they are of traffic accidents in some areas. The problem with opiate drug addiction […]


Rasta Weed

Stoner Dictionary | Rasta Weed Rasta Weed: noun 1. a mixture of herbs containing no cannabis meant to simulate the effects of marijuana Example: “I can only smoke rasta weed because my work drug tests once a month.” Perhaps one of the most interesting topics to debate among marijuana smokers, rasta weed is a mixture […]



Stoner Dictionary | Smoke Smoke: noun/verb 1. the gaseous carbon byproduct of marijuana combustion 2. the act of consuming marijuana Example: 1. “I milked it until the chamber was white with smoke.” 2. “I can’t wait to smoke a bowl after work.” The magical word given to the mythical gas like structure born from the meeting […]


Stoner Dictionary Mother

Stoner Dictionary Mother Mother: noun 1. the name growers coined to explain a female marijuana plant they can put back into bloom or vegetative state whenever they choose to get one plant to continuously produce buds 2. the female marijuana plant that clones are clipped from Example: “I have a mother plant of my favorite strain […]


Stoner Dictionary Meds

Stoner Dictionary Meds Meds: noun 1. a term for medical marijuana Example: “I picked up some strong meds at the dispensary to help with my migraines.” A well known fact that marijuana has been used for thousands of years for its medicinal and healing properties. Well today it is still acknowledged and there are a handful of […]


Little John

Stoner Dictionary | Little John  Little John: noun 1. a marijuana cigarette that uses two rolling papers instead of one Example: “I used my last two Zig Zags to roll this Little John.” Rolling joints is something personal to the smoker and an action that you always want to get correctly for your preferred smoking […]


Mary Jane

Stoner Dictionary | Mary Jane Mary Jane: noun 1. a popular nomenclature for the cannabis plant; English translation of the Mexican-Spanish name Maria Juana or marijuana Example: “I’m in love with Mary Jane, she’s my main thing, she makes me feel alright, she makes my heart sing.” -Rick James What came first, Mary Jane or marijuana? […]