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One of the largest arguments against the well working, widely used cannabis edible is that they are geared towards children. Edibles come in all shapes and sizes, from candies and granola bars to soda and tea. Those who are against cannabis claim that when edibles are widely available (ie with recreational marijuana) more children will get their hands on them. Since kids will have a harder time differentiating cannabis edibles from normal food, it has been argued that edibles should be taken off the market for good.

Although weed edibles are under heavy scrutiny and constant attack, the FDA recently approved a candy flavored amphetamine-based medicine that will be marketed to children who are diagnosed with ADHD later this year. This new, mislabeled version of speed was introduced to the pharmaceutical market near the end of May, is called Adzenys. The drug will be given to children who doctors deem “overactive” and kids as young as six years old will be given this gummy version of meth.

Obviously, making a form of speed that is chewy and fruit flavored will cause some controversy. Neos Therapeutics, the company that is distributing Adzenys has said that its team of 125 salespeople have had no issues setting up appointments all over the country with doctors who are ready and willing to prescribe this drug to children of almost all ages.

It seems highly counterproductive that doctors everywhere would be able to give small children a form of amphetamine. Colorado recently starting working on legislature to ban any sort of cannabis product in any shape that child might find interesting. But while people bust down the doors of dispensaries to get rid of the adult-intended edibles on the shelves, doctors are going to start feeding them amphetamine that could potentially lead to addiction.

Cannabis edibles are not geared towards children. Most adults will tell you that they love eating candy and snacks just as much as any five years old. Edibles also make it easy for patients to medicate. This allows them to avoid inhaling smoke and to get a different kind of high to treat their ailments. To take away these patients medicine while joyfully giving fruit flavored gummy meth is incredibly unfair and wrong. Children should not be given meth and adults should be able to purchase their cannabis in a way that works for them. It is, however, up to the adults to be responsible in keeping track of their edibles and to keep them away from children.

Kids & Edibles | Stoner News

Talking To Kids About Marijuana

Talking To Kids About Marijuana

Since stoners range in age from young adults to seniors, it’s important to remember that a lot of us are at very different points in our lives. There’s a lot of smokers that have younger children or plan on having kids in the future. With a lot of anti-cannabis propaganda still floating around, it’s difficult to talk to kids about cannabis. However, it’s absolutely necessary. If you have kids, they should know about the medicine that you’re taking.


Explaining cannabis a child is easy. It’s simply a medicine. Parents don’t hide the fact that they’re taking anti-depressants from their children so why would cannabis be any different? Cannabis is something that helps you and your children should be aware of that fact. They might need to use cannabis some day themselves, or perhaps they don’t need to but want to. It’s better to explain cannabis early to them, before the anti-marijuana crusaders brainwash your poor kid.

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Children also can use cannabis to their benefit if needed. More research continues to surface and more people are listening to the facts. If your child has a seizure disorder or is diagnosed with cancer, cannabis can assist the child in leading a much more normal life. Young children that are put on medicines used to treat cancer and other illnesses suffer greatly from the effects of medicines from the pharmacies. Anti-seizure medicines greatly effect the behaviors of young children, turning them in to little zombies, adding to the fact that the medicines don’t always work.


Kids are not stupid. They are people and they deserve to know everything that we do, providing that they are old enough to understand. It’s something that needs to be worked up to, over the course of a child growing up. When they’re old enough to understand cannabis fully, they can make the choice to indulge or not and at least they’ll have an educated opinion on the matter, rather than a brainwashed opinion. It’s important to begin to educate children while they’re young. The media is a powerful weapon and seeing how much it effects our lives should be all the reason to speak with your kids about marijuaana.