High Beam Solar Glass

High Beam Solar Glass | Stoner Review

Ever taken a solar hit? They’re fun and a great way to get stoned creatively. Well, here is an innovative and creative glassblowing company that not only make’s the High Beam Solar Glass but an awesome assortment of products. With colorful and unique glass like Sherlocks, Spoons, Bubblers, Water Pipes, Dabbers and Nectar Collectors all hand blown by the awesome guy’s at High Beam Solar Glass Co.

3057557_origThe High Beam Solar Lighter!

This is the first and finest solar lighter attachment for your tobacco and medicinal needs.  Wind is no longer a problem when using a High Beam Solar Lighter. And at half the temperature of a butane lighter the High Beam Solar Lighter delivers cool and tasty hits every time!

We realized that there is a perfectly fine sun up there, the most abundant natural resource in sight. It’s time we take full advantage of this. Concentrate the High Beam Solar Lighter on your next bowl for a tastier and healthier smoking experience.

With Results that will knock you stoned cooled out. With the High Beam, temperatures linger in the crucial range where those essential oils boil for a duration of time. This is when you’ll receive the vaporization of your smoking product.

Can be used both indoors and out. Utilize a ray of sunlight or situate a mirror outside directed in and enjoy the solar experience in the comforts of your own room.

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StonerDays Presents: High Beam Solar Glass

High Beam Solar Glass | Stoner Review