Five Reasons To Watch The Lego Movie Stoned

Five Reasons To Watch The Lego Movie Stoned | Stoner Blog

Let’s face it, kids movies these days aren’t just made for kids. They’re cute and flashy, with the occasional underlying adult themes. One of the best things about being an adult and watching kids movies? Watching them stoned. Rolling a fat joint and watching the Lego Movie sounds pretty great right? If you don’t think so, here’s five reasons why you should view this hilarious (and somewhat dark) movie that was definitely made for both kids and adults a like.


  1. The Colors: This movie is incredibly bright and fun to look at. Since the characters are constantly jumping through different Lego worlds, the scenery changes constantly. From the Lego Wild West to Cloud Cuckoo Land (it’s as strange as it sounds), your stoned mind will be mesmerized by the bright colors and different architecture.
  2. The Actors: If you aren’t attracted to the colorfulness of the movie, you should know that it has some hilarious talent in it as well. Chris Pratt (Parks And Recreation, Guardians of the Galaxy) voices the main character, while Charlie Day (It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia) plays another. Throw in the fact that Nick Offerman (Parks And Recreation) and Will Ferrel (you know who Will Ferrel is) also make an appearance and you have a cast full of people who are going to make you laugh, especially if you’re stoned. The movie also features Will Arnett, Elizabeth Banks, Alison Brie, Morgan Freeman, and Liam Neeson.
  3. The Nostalgia: Considering that this is an entire world crafted out of Legos with very few real life scenes, this movie is great for the stoned mind. Most of the adults that are smoking now used to play with Legos back in the 90s. The Lego Movie brings back memories of times when we didn’t have to pay bills and go to work. You’ll feel the nostalgia even more when you’ve had a few bong rips and start thinking about Silly Putty, Polly Pocket, and that creepy crawler oven that allowed you to freak out your family and friends with rubber insects.
  4. The Adult Jokes: Right in the start of the film, we are greeted by the main character, Emmett, going about his daily business. He pays $42 for a coffee at a shop that resembles Starbucks and if you can’t sadly laugh at that while you’re stoned because it’s so relate able, I don’t know what to tell you.
  5. The Underlying Message: The Lego Movie is definitely cute and it will make you laugh but the message that the movie really seems to want to drive home? Society’s desire to stamp out creativity and imagination. The characters are all working for The Man, which is a common reoccurring theme in a lot of stoner-geared movies. Since stoners usually think of themselves as being open minded, this movie is a great visualization of the breakaway from traditional thinking and doing your own thing.

Five Reasons To Watch The Lego Movie Stoned | Stoner Blog