Colorado THC Water Scare

Colorado THC Water Scare | Stoner News

Recently, reports surfaced that a town in Colorado had discovered that there was THC in their water supply. People started freaking out; news articles began to appear warning people not to drink the water, shower with it, or even use it in cooking. The advisory was in place for two days and 700 people were without water.

The whole ordeal began when a company was drug testing employees with a field testing kit but was noticing that there was some discrepancies in the results. The company decided to test the tap water, thinking that it would serve as a control for further tests by showing what absolute negative looked like, according to the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Captain Michael Yowell said. When the field test showed it’s results, it stated that the water was testing positive for THC. The company reported these findings to the town’s public works department, which then used field tests in a few spots in the water system and found THC positive results in one of the town’s five wells, as well as other locations in the system. It became even more strange when the sheriff’s department found that the well that had tested positive for THC had been broken in to.

Health officials didn’t get any reports of symptoms from drinking the water but the Colorado Bureau of Investigation was called in to collect some samples to send to the lab. The advisory to avoid the water was issued out of caution, saying that short term ingestion could impair peoples’ coordination and could potentially increase anxiety and paranoia in some. But after extensive investigations in to whether or not the water contained THC, it was found that it didn’t and the field test was probably showing a false negative. The police still don’t know who broke in to the well and are still looking in to it.

Colorado THC Water Scare | Stoner News

THC Feminine Products Hit The Market

THC Feminine Products Hit The Market | Stoner Guide

Sorry, guys, but the ladies definitely need to hear this one. And ladies, I’m sure you’re familiar with the terrible effects of PMS, cramping, mood swings, and all of the other awful symptoms of menstruation. It sucks. We can take as much Ibuprofen and cranberry juice as we can handle but sometimes, nothing helps. Also, we all know what pills can do to your liver but when a small clawed monster is kickboxing your insides, you’ll take whatever you can get your hands on. Which is why Foria, a company on the medical marijuana market previously known for creating cannabis based lube, has something that you need to hear about.

Foria has now moved on from lube and has produced “relief suppositories” that are actually made out of cannabis. On their website, the company states that these suppositories “maximize the muscle relaxing and pain relieving properties of cannabis without including a psychotropic high”. Even though you won’t get a high feeling from using them, these tampons are sure to help remedy some of the negative effects of having your period. The tampons are a bit more pricey than the regular Kotex, running at $44 for a pack of four. There’s only three ingredients in them; cocoa butter, distilled THC oil, and CBD Isolate from organically grown hemp.

The goal of Foria is to focus on relieving pain. They want to share the helpful properties of cannabis in the best way possible. It’s great that they in fact created a tampon instead of a pill. Not only is it more natural, but the way that these are taken is also beneficial as the ingredients are absorbed quicker in that area than they are in the stomach. As of right now, these magical cannabis tampons are only available to residents in Colorado and California that hold a state medical card. Foria hopes to bring their medicated tampons to all residents in legal states soon.

THC Feminine Products Hit The Market | Stoner Guide

Are Dabs Really The “Crack” of Cannabis?


Are Dabs Really The “Crack” of Cannabis? | Stoner Blog

Some of the old school stoners or some that haven’t really been on the internet (or people that are still stuck in reefer madness) genuinely think that cannabis concentrates are comparable to crack. Confusing to say the least, especially since cannabis concentrates (and “dabs”) have been around since the 80s. The only reason we’re now hearing about this now is that cannabis in the spotlight… And the people who don’t like it need something to complain about.

If you don’t know, dabs are a concentrated form of THC. The honey/wax/crumble like substance in place on a heated piece of titanium, glass, quartz, or ceramic and the heat vaporizes the concentrate. Dabs are stronger than buds, testing anywhere between 50 to 90% THC. Flower usually tops out at around 29% THC. Some people, the high from a dab lasts far longer than a bong rip, which leads some people to prefer dabs, for the fact that you need less coupled with the purity.

stonerdays-logo-smallWhile these side effects are blamed mostly on dabs, it does also happen with cannabis flower.

On one hand, you have people who will smoke dabs and freak out. They will get extremely paranoid and anxious. There are those who will even get sick from the dabs.They will throw up, have panic attacks, and feel weak/dizzy. While these side effects are blamed mostly on dabs, it does also happen with cannabis flower. Every once in a while, you will encounter someone who has smoked a bowl and had a massive panic attack. There are also people who smoke dabs and freak out. Seeing as how every individual processes THC differently, this fact isn’t surprising.

Justin Kander, the head of research and development at Aunt Zelda’s (a cannabis concentrate company that craft edibles), says that cannabis concentrates are not like heroin or crack but that the high doses should be taken properly. From what he has seen in his time in the industry, Kander says that continued use over a long period of time can potentially cause permanent paranoia and anxiety. Even longer use may even increase the risk of brain damage but that is incredibly rare and almost unheard of. Another thing to be aware of is the increased tolerance. Prolonged use of cannabis concentrates can cause extremely high tolerances, which will ultimately result in you having to take a break.

stonerdays-logo-smallSome people handle substances differently and there are always people who will end up getting really unlucky.

Dabs are not like crack or meth or heroin. Some people handle substances differently and there are always people who will end up getting really unlucky. The high dose of cannabis concentrate may cause negative effects but for patients with cancer or other severe illnesses, it can be lifesaving. The general consensus? Dabbing every day might end up having negative side effects. Sometimes it’s good to just take a concentrate-tolerance break.

Are Dabs Really The “Crack” of Cannabis? | Stoner Blog

Bubble Hash

Stoner Dictionary | Bubble Hash

Bubble Hash: noun 1. a very refined marijuana concentrate made by using ice water, cannabis trimmings or bud material, and a series of screens or bags

Origin: Canadian hash connoisseur, “Bubble Man,” is accredited with the creation of the bubble hash making process as well as the term itself.

Example: “One rip of this bubble hash and my migraine was gone.”

There is much speculation as to the origins of the “bubble” in bubble hash. Some claim that it is so named because of the way it reacts when exposed to an open flame. Beneath the heat of a lighter or torch, the hash will bubble like magma. While this idea does make perfect sense, a more scientific claim is accredited to the structure of the trichome, or tiny cannabinoid resin glands visible to the naked eye as a coat of glitter on the buds. When magnified, one can see that these glistening trichomes are built like little mushrooms, with a long stalk and a perfect gooey bubble on top. Plants that are lower in cannabinoids will have trichomes that are flush with the buds and leaves, but the mushroom structure is definitely more desirable amongst growers and smokers as it is a reflection of high THC and CBD content. Because the process of making bubble hash is separating these trichomes from the plant, it makes the most sense that the name bubble comes from these cute little glands.

Hash making goes far back in recorded history and like most things on this little blue planet, it too has evolved. Hash makers all over the world practice their craft with pride and a sense of livelihood. From the Choking Red hash of Russia to the Black hash of South Africa, every hash maker boasts that their product is the best in the land. Some artisans of this timeless skill even claim to make the best hash the world over. But when a man named Sam discovered that the tiny, THC stuffed resin glands sank in cold water, the world of hash making changed forever. Cold water resin extraction provides a purer and organic result than traditional methods that typically use butane and is only trumped in cannabinoid content by hash oil extraction using alcohol and other chemical solvents, making it a much more desirable method of production. Bubble Man (no I’m not talking about the Japanese soft drink) made a name for himself by developing a very successful bubble hash making kit that anyone can use.

With a THC percentage that can be as high as 75%, bubble hash is one of the most efficient ways to get high.

While concentrates will often cost you a pretty penny at the dispensary, you also have to smoke less of it to get high and unless you have an abnormally high tolerance, it will last you a lot longer. In addition to launching you into space, it is also less harmful as the hash making process removes the plant matter which, when burned, is what contains the carcinogens that can be harmful to your mouth, throat and lungs. Just remember, concentrates are for the seasoned smoker and if you are novice wanting to try them, make sure you don’t have any impending plans or tasks ’cause this stuff will knock you out. Many bubble hash making kits are available everywhere and these kits make it easy for the home hash maker to whip up a batch of some primo bubble hash that will bubble in your bong and your brain.



CBD or THC; Stoner Guide


THC is the active component in cannabis that gets the user high. Most people who smoke weed are solely after the THC. But this substance isn’t what cures cancer or other illnesses. The curing element of cannabis is CBD. This incredible compound is responsible for the reduction of tumors, decreases in seizures, and the curing of other ailments such as muscle pain, headaches, and eating disorders. So what’s important to know about CBD?


– It’s still very illegal. Even though the substance doesn’t get the user stoned and instead, promotes a healthier body while at the same time curing current problems, the government still sees it as a schedule one substance, making it extremely illegal to possess and ingest cannabis oil containing CBD in most states.


– CBD is non psychoactive, meaning that it will not get you stoned. Since there are no mental effects on the user, CBD represents more of the medical side to cannabis, as it is the compound that cures cancer and other illnesses. Since marijuana is looked at for the “negative” effects that it has on people because it gets the user high, CBD shouldn’t be looked at in the same light at all, considering it is for pure health benefits.


– Unlike THC, CBD doesn’t need to be heated to take effect nor does it need to be smoked, negating the idea that ingesting CBD can still be bad for you. Most patients that take CBD for ailments use an oil form, making it easy to eat or add to already prepared meals. Ingesting CBD in oil or capsule form has absolutely no ill side effects.


– Medical benefits of this substance are endless, as stated above. CBD is just now starting to be studied by scientists and doctors, something that definitely should have been done a long time ago. CBD can treat cancer, seizures, anxiety, inflammation, neurological issues, arthritis, and numerous other disorders that effect the human body.


– When THC is ingested, the human mind becomes more in tune to smaller details, which can lead to the “everyone is staring at me” or “why am I doing this wrong” kind of thinking. Strains that are more even in the CBD/THC ratio prevent this over analyzing stoner problem. This is how CBD can really help with anxiety, as it is the compound in marijuana that allows the user to slow things down.

CBD or THC; Stoner Guide

Brave Mykayla’s Leukemia Fight

Brave Mykayla’s Leukemia Fight

The photograph of the little girl and her mother outside of a building, where the little girl is holding a sign that reads “cannabis cured my cancer” is famous in the stoner community. This little girl has been a cannabis patient for over a year now, as part of her treatment for an aggressive form of leukemia. She was diagnosed in July of 2012 and her father put her on a dose of cannabis. MyKayla gets a small amount of concentrated THC in pill form every day, along with her required chemotherapy treatment.

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The amount of improvement shown by this brave little girl is incredible. While some doctors credit her improved health to the chemo, the girl’s father and his girlfriend believe in the power of the plant. MyKayla uses the CBD to help her cope with the awful effects of the chemo. I believe that a child, especially, should be allowed (under doctor supervision) to be allowed to ingest cannabis to help with cancer and like illnesses. Chemotherapy is a severe way to treat cancer. Killing the good cells as well as the bad seems slightly futile to me. A child should be able to have a childhood, rather than spending it hooked up to machines and on a regimen of nasty pills.

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If cannabis continues to assist in the remission of cancer patients, then people will no longer be able to deny it’s ability to cure. There are other child patients that are benefiting from cannabis use, like Landon Riddle, a young boy in Colorado Springs. But, like Landon, MyKayla hasn’t improved without some speed bumps. Both children’s parents had CPS called on them when the cannabis treatment began. There are still some people that need convincing that replacing chemo with cannabis is an extremely positive thing.

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We should all understand that if we are diagnosed with any type of cancer we are faced as an individual with some significant decisions.  We will have to choose a cancer specialist, a hospital to be treated at, and how to cope with your family & friends while dealing with your treatment, but no one should have to decide on treating his/her Cancer by taking painful chemo therapy treatments while there is proven treatments through Marijuana that is pain free and efficient.  Cannabis becomes a more believable cure every day and not just for cancer. As the patients using cannabis improve, the cause becomes more legitimate. We’re not just ranting protesters. There are facts to back up our statements and it’s time that people start to listen.

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If children like MyKayla and Landon are getting help from cannabis, then it is possible that it’ll work for everyone. Curing cancer would be a huge win and would save so many lives, not to mention a lot of money. People would be able to live normal lives, even if they were going through chemo. Cannabis helps the patient to eat, sleep, and feel more healthy than without it. People will start to believe in the power of cannabis, whether they support it or not. Facts can’t be denied for long.

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Wanna Help? You can be apart of her struggle by donating to team Kayla CLICK HERE

Be sure to like Brave Mykayla’s FB Page.

Brave Mykayla’s Leukemia Fight

T.H.C. Truth Hurts Club

“T.H.C. Truth Hurts Club”


I’m getting minorly annoyed at my own level of procrastination lately. Yesterday I would’ve told you all about my favorite dispensary, but I can tell you a story here and pick a new place that hasn’t been shut down by the Phoenix police department. Now that I’ve got your attention, I’d like to say that the vapor lounge, formerly known as the Cannabis Spot, in Northern Phoenix/Glendale was an amazingly progressive & revolutionary chill spot where VALID cardholding patients could bring their meds to trade or share, or even donate cash to local establishments which in return got you House dabs, how many you got depended upon the amount of your donation. [Nothing but generous, regardless.] The volunteer staff were generous enough to share out of their personal stash of whichever concentrate you chose, so long as you were a recognized patron, this went on daily. This place was honestly staffed with people who were aware of patients’ specific limits, yet still made each visit comfortable for the length of their stay, & they had great hours to where you could come in and take a seat for hours-long stretches. I spent many lunches with the guys and gals at the C_Spot. Now, it seems the raid on my “sanctuary” was over the distribution of THC concentrates, (Not to be confused with “sale”. That term will not be used because there was never any sale of medical or recreational cannabis products on those premises. The meds on site were samples from various Licensed dispensary/delivery agents) rather than the government cited reason claiming the vapor lounge infringed upon the law where the company owner, Billy Hayes, has tread meticulously IN LINE just in case this crap-bucket should get dumped on his head again. To help us recover everything that was stolen please see:
Inline image 1


“Yes, officer, I am a patient”.

Inline image 2

I don’t understand why the authorities feel so threatened by BHO or CO2 Honey Oil. Maybe because it looks different, in golden sticky strands or shattered into yellow-green or amber honeycombs? I could go on about my personal preferences on oils, but that again is for a different blog. I think the only reason we’d need to fear any hash product that’s been treated with butane or carbon dioxide is if it weren’t properly purged before being consumed. The impurities CAN BE removed from the compound, but the person making it has to have that knowledge and put it into practice with every single round. That’s where trust comes in; if you don’t have that rapport with your caregiver, you should already be looking for a new one to fill that void. There are sources EVERYWHERE. I get my concentrates directly from the maker, and my flower (bud) comes from a personal acquaintance about 40% of the time that I get any. On the “black market”, as it were, the prices on concentrates, and sometimes even they get greedy with flower, are enough to make me choke, before I even get to sample the smoke! This is why I don’t mess with street kids, those days of having to see a little thuggish middle man are a thing of my hairy past. But things aren’t dark anymore, once you find that ONE compassionate individual whom goes out on a limb for you. I was given the chance to prove that I am a man of my word by some important people this year, and I haven’t let them down yet. Everything I do is on my honor.


So the question was, do I prefer concentrates or plain Mary Jane? Listen to me, how could I say such a gorgeous, luscious, exotic bush is anything other than a miraculous life-granting essential of animal nature! Humans already have an endogenous (built-in) cannabinoid receptor system. No matter what, when we ingest delta-9-THC into our bloodstream, we are feeding our brain a blissful chemical that it not only craves, but can accept in nearly limitless quantities. You cannot overdose, but I digress by adding that I have known 2 people who had “allergic” reactions to smoking marijuana. The symptoms were dizziness, severe confusion, vomiting, sweating, the sense that time had stopped, perceived paralysis & anxiety. Personally, my theory from my limited Psychology background would be that this is merely a psychosomatic reaction to believing they have lost full control of their body or mind. They were both young women leading high stress lifestyles, at their time of experimentation which led to the adverse effect. Personally, my tolerance for THC is pretty Up there, so if that’s the only drug in my body on a given day, I can go round for round with the best of them. It’s only when I start getting too crossfaded that I succumb to the urge to sleep it off. The answer to the question, then, would have two parts. If I want to retain my mental acuity, and am strictly medicating, I prefer the nug. Throw me my jar and if it’s full I am happy. However, if I am trying to dial into the highest wavelengths that my 7th chakra is capable of reaching, dabbing is the new, clear cut winner. Not only does it give me the peace of the Buddha himself, but I check out of Hotel California altogether, which if you remember, no one’s supposed to be able to leave. I wish everyone that sensation at least once. _Bone$

Writing by: Jakob Dodd

T.H.C. Truth Hurts Club