The Future of CBD in Food

The Future of CBD in Food

In recent years, there has been a considerable increase in consumer’s desire for cannabidiol (CBD). With many people embracing CBD foods, today, you can find them in supermarkets and other new markets in states where they are legal. This is because people are starting to realize their benefits with the availability of plenty of information online such as at cannabisowl help users to understand cannabis products, such as seeds, better.


Whether consumers view this product as the next big thing or not remains a question. Will CBD become the next big thing in the future or just another product that consumers loved and abandoned?

Is There A Future For Cannabidiol?

It seems that there is a future for CBD in food based on the following reasons:

CBD in Food Will Be a Well-Regulated Lucrative Business

In the future, the FDA will realize that CBD has many health benefits and will have no choice but to regulate the industry to allow for fair trade and market growth. Therefore, the market will grow in the future due to proper regulations that will attract investors without any fear of violating FDA rules.

Currently, the Food Drug Association (FDA) argues that it is better to decide the future of CBD from a science stance. The FDA contends that there is an increased interest in the product due to its therapeutic nature. However, it also argues that many questions remain unanswered concerning the quality and safety of this product. What the FDA is saying here is that the government regulates food products differently by prioritizing the safety and health of consumers. Now, the FDA does not allow organizations to market CBD as a dietary supplement because it is still a subject for study.

However, some organizations are requesting FDA to issue a regulated trade permit for the use of CBD as a dietary supplement. The FDA argues that it must consider the amount of CBD safe for consumption and its interactions with the body as well as long-term exposure before it can conclude whether it will be widely available.

With the enormous popularity of CBD, which everyone has noticed, there is a lot of pressure on Congress. Soon, Congress will begin discussing how to add CBD to other FDA regulated products such as food. Since consumers are so enthusiastic about CBD, soon FDA will accept CBD-infused foods as long as they meet certain regulations. Recently in one statement, the FDA hinted that some foods and drinks can have cannabis in the future.  Therefore, there is a future for CBD.

Growth in CBD Food Market

The latest research by experts from BDS Analytics and Arcview Market counteracts FDA’s view by reporting that by 2024, the CBD market in the United States will reach 20 billion dollars. This amount is coincidentally just slightly higher than the recent predictions produced by Cowen & Co, in New York. As per this bank, the market will reach $15 billion by 2025. Well, these statistics no doubt show that there is a future for CBD in food.  When you take time to think about how cannabis is growing in the mainstream society, from legalization to increase in outlets, you will see that these statistics make sense.


Retailers Will Stock a Variety of CBD-infused Food Products

CNBC reported that Kroger, which is the largest grocery retailer, will sell CBD in about 1000 stores in the future. Together with other food stores, they will stock different products that have CBD. Most of these retailers have started introducing consumers to other cannabis products, especially topical products such as balms, lotions, creams, and oils.  The race to market and sell CBD products increased when Congress passed a bill to trigger beverage and food companies to compete for which CBD product is the best. It is imperative to note most America restaurants are adding CBD-infused products to their menus.

Market Seems Poisoned For More CBD-Infused Products

Rabobank reports that CBD has become famous in the food and beverage industry, in products such as jellybeans, cocktails, coffee, and beer at an alarming rate. While these products remain illegal, the market appears ready for CBD in food and this demand is set to continue. Regardless of what the FDA says, consumers continue to remain appealed by CBD-infused foods. Consumers are utilizing these products for insomnia, anxiety and chronic pain. Rabobank reports that 40% of CBD consumers use it for wellness and health benefits. Therefore, it can blur the line between food and pharma. The market remains lucrative and consumers are still purchasing the products despite their illegal status.

Manufactures of food and beverage have the audience and the incentive. Therefore, they are more than ready to enter the market as soon as FDA drops the stringent rules. Currently, food producers are exploring ways to infuse CBD in different varieties of food and are ready to sell their products once the FDA allows them.

For example, Mondelez Company, which is famous for manufacturing Oreos and Triscuits, admitted in CNBC that CBD is part of the future innovations in snacks. Such large food organizations are waiting patiently for FDA to give them a nod in adding CBD to their products. Moreover, many consumers are willing to try this and this implies that there is a large market demanding the products. When A.T Kearney investigated this issue in 2018, they found out that 40% of consumers in the United States are willing to try CBD-infused food products. Spending on CBD foods will increase in the future as evident from the above statistics.


The future of CBD in food remains unclear, while most organizations and analysts predict that it is the next big thing, FDA remains adamant on the issue and warns about health risks. So, how does the future of CBD food look like? Well, we can only wait and see how this will turn out. However, with stringent regulation of the industry, CBD in food can increase in the future. This is due to the benefits that users enjoy when using CBD products. Soon the FDA, keeping the consumer’s interest in mind, will start regulating CBD in food like other products. As for now, you can order some of the best Ontario cannabis from well-known stores to ensure that you enjoy the full benefits.