CBD and Sex: What you need to know

CBD and Sex: What you need to know


Marijuana or weed is a derivative of the plant cannabis sativa. It has been found to help many conditions that were previously treated by medicines with side-effects. Doctors are increasingly inclining towards marijuana, given their natural remedial properties.

According to the Natural Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, FDA passed the approval of three cannabinoids. In the year 2018, the council approved the oral solution of Epidiolex or CBD to help in the treatment of epileptic seizures.

What is CBD?


Cannabidiol, abbreviated as CBD is a chemical component of cannabis. Unlike its counterpart, THC, it does not stimulate the ‘high’ state. Instead, it helps in pain relief. Besides this, it also stimulates the happy hormones which can make a person feel better. There are various methods of using CBD. One of the most popular ways is to use oils containing this chemical. Other ideas are to smoke it or inhale it.

What are the advantages of using CBD and sex?

CBD has a wide range of advantages that help patients overcome their difficulties. Given below are a few such benefits.

  • CBD is a non-intoxicating drug: Cannabidiol has been known to be very different from THC. It is not intoxicating and does not send a person toppling into the high state. Hence, it is recommended mainly by doctors to people who are reluctant about using marijuana for their treatment. In many cases, children have also been prescribed this medicine.
  • CBD treats anxiety and mental illness: Marijuana has many properties that are under discovery by the modern man. However, there is one that makes it stand out. With mental health becoming a matter of global concern, doctors and patients are investing their time, money, and resources into finding out what can be a remedy for conditions like depression and anxiety. CBD came to the rescue. It is found to have induced a sense of comfort and happiness in patients. It makes their burdens feel light, and this has proved to be quite helpful for them.
  • CBD treats epilepsy: CBD is mostly known as an antiepileptic drug that has worked wonders on patients suffering from epilepsy.

Why is CBD used for coitus?


CBD is already in extensive usage given its verified effects in case of anxiety and depression. People who have PTSD are also found using this mainly. Just when the world thought this is what it can do, another side of this drug came into consideration. Marijuana is now known to make coitus more pleasurable.

This non-psychoactive chemical of weed induces a good feeling in individuals. In turn, it helps in natural arousal, giving both parties a chance to enjoy intercourse even more. People who use CBD before sex has attested that their senses seem to become sharper as they begin to notice even the smallest details. This is especially advantageous in the case of physical interaction between two individuals.

Benefits of CBD and Sex

According to a survey, however, it was found that most people who use CBD for better experience are females. This is largely because CBD actively reduces the pain that women might undergo as a consequence of sexual intercourse. Some other advantages of using weed before sex have been enumerated below:

  • CBD does a great job setting the mood: It often happens that a partner feels strong repulsion by the idea of sex. In these cases, CBD goes a great job. CBD lightens the mood, providing relief from anxiety and stress. Performance anxiety inside the bedroom is another thing that might cause stress. CBD helps you walk out of that zone and just be yourself.
  • CBD works wonders in case of pain: Sexual interaction can often become painful for both parties, especially for women. Women often experience vaginal discomfort due to coitus, and sooner or later, it leads them to dislike the idea of sex. Cannabidiol can help women get over this feeling by merely reducing, even nullifying the pain.
  • CBD has different effects on different bodies: While this might sound like a disadvantage, it is not. It is, in fact, a good thing because each person gets a different feeling. You and your partner might face different effects, as a result of which, you will be more open to exploring around in the bedroom. This can strengthen the bond between you two to a great extent.

Availability of CBD as natural products


CBD is still a lot like a taboo when one thinks of buying cannabis freely. However, some online dispensaries and shops sell marijuana for medical purposes. So, surf the internet and buy weed online from trusted sources only. This way, you can not only use it without any hindrance, but you also do not have to fear to disclose it to anyone.

These shops have proper authorization to sell pot, and their business is nothing along the illegal lines. In fact, in many cases, they ask for an appropriate prescription of a doctor before you can place your order. Hence, buying weed online is as safe as buying vegetables from the market.


The properties of CBD have not been fully discovered by doctors. Researchers are working ardently to find out methods of putting the plant to good use. Helping in coitus is an added advantage since marriages undergo miserable situations due to dissatisfaction in the sexual lives of the partners. CBD can work effectively in this regard. All a person needs to do is keep an open mind towards something like this.