Colorado THC Water Scare

Colorado THC Water Scare | Stoner News

Recently, reports surfaced that a town in Colorado had discovered that there was THC in their water supply. People started freaking out; news articles began to appear warning people not to drink the water, shower with it, or even use it in cooking. The advisory was in place for two days and 700 people were without water.

The whole ordeal began when a company was drug testing employees with a field testing kit but was noticing that there was some discrepancies in the results. The company decided to test the tap water, thinking that it would serve as a control for further tests by showing what absolute negative looked like, according to the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Captain Michael Yowell said. When the field test showed it’s results, it stated that the water was testing positive for THC. The company reported these findings to the town’s public works department, which then used field tests in a few spots in the water system and found THC positive results in one of the town’s five wells, as well as other locations in the system. It became even more strange when the sheriff’s department found that the well that had tested positive for THC had been broken in to.

Health officials didn’t get any reports of symptoms from drinking the water but the Colorado Bureau of Investigation was called in to collect some samples to send to the lab. The advisory to avoid the water was issued out of caution, saying that short term ingestion could impair peoples’ coordination and could potentially increase anxiety and paranoia in some. But after extensive investigations in to whether or not the water contained THC, it was found that it didn’t and the field test was probably showing a false negative. The police still don’t know who broke in to the well and are still looking in to it.

Colorado THC Water Scare | Stoner News

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