Disrespectful Dispensary Raid Gets Cops In Trouble

Disrespectful Dispensary Raid Gets Cops In Trouble | Stoner News

A few months back, there was a huge story that came out along with a video that showed a group of police officers in Southern California raiding a dispensary. The cannabis industry in used to raids due to the classification of the plant but if you watched this video, you could immediately tell that there was something different about this raid. These cops weren’t doing things normally. The three Santa Ana police officers were caught on tape eating edibles from the dispensary, insulting a patient in a wheelchair, and playing darts while the taxpayers supplied their paychecks. This group of disrespectful officers even went as far as to attempt to destroy the security tapes but missed a hidden one at Sky High Holistic, the unfortunate dispensary.

In the video, the police can be seen bursting in through the doors of the dispensary with a battering ram. They can be heard shouting and yelling at the patients in the store to get down on the ground and put their hands behind their heads. They escort patients out of the store and begin to destroy the place, ripping security cameras out of the walls, removing the DVR player and the flat screen TV. A few of the officers even take edibles from under the counter and begin eating them, saying terrible things about the patients they just escorted out. “Did you punch that one legged old benita?” asks a male officer in the video. His female coworker replies, “I was about the kick her in her f*cking nub.”

While the video shows the officers eating candy bars and one commenting that he “felt lightheaded”, they claimed that they did not eat any of the edibles in the store, but rather the non-medicated food that was kept on site for the staff to eat. This group of bullies even asked that the video not be shown to the public because it violates their rights of privacy. A judge in Orange County Superior Court, Judge Ronald Bauer, disagreed, saying “[police] should not expect privacy in their on duty performance of an official function at a marijuana dispensary. They have made no claim that their work required secrecy or that it would be impeded by public review.”

However convincing this group of terrible people thought they were, their story fell short and the three were fired from the Santa Ana Police Department, according to reports. Brandon Matthew Sontag, Nicole Lynn Quijas, and Jorge Arroyo were all let go earlier this year, Sontag and Quijas had their last day on May 6th, while Arroyo got to add some salt to his wounds and had his last day on the famous April 20th.

Disrespectful Dispensary Raid Gets Cops In Trouble | Stoner News