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Why Choose a Stoner Chick | Stoner Blog

Life is hard enough with the stress caused from bills, work and even kids, so lighting up at the end of a long stressful day can be your way of release. And as for finding a worthy mate thats a challenge in itself as well. Although this article is mainly speaking to men, we would like to take the time and say thank you to all our stoner women out there doing the most with life. So from everybody at StonerDays “Thank You!” Let’s get to it. Here are 10 reasons we choose stoner women over non smoking women.

01 Smoking during PMS. Chicks that smoke weed will defiantly be lighting up during their time of the month. Simply summed up by the health information outlet Medic8:

“Marijuana can cause irregular or missed periods. However, some women claim that it increases blood flow which reduces painful cramping.”

Anyway you look at it your stoned lady friend will feel so much better about herself and life if she is smoking that sweat Mary Jane while menstruating.


02 Easy to let go of the small things in life. At times life gets rough and stressing on the small things only makes it harder. Stoner chicks can let go of the small issues that arise in life by lighting up a bowl, kicking back and realizing that life is going to go on no matter what you do, but stressing about it will never help.


03 Sex will be awesome! Everybody enjoys getting it on. Well with a stoner chick your sex life will be more likely to improve. Not only does sex feel great while stoned but marijuana can actually help your partner achieve orgasms easier and more intense. A great combo for anyone.


04 Stoner Chicks are less likely to get physical. Fighting is to be expected in any healthy relationship. But according to The Daily Mail, the use of weed in any relationship is actually linked to lower rates of domestic violence:

“Findings suggest that marijuana use is predictive of lower levels of aggression towards one’s partner.”

In other words, she will find it easier to forgive you.


05 She is more likely to be low maintenance. Not to say it’s a bad thing to pamper your stoner girl with a nice dinner and movie, but she will be more likely to understand and even suggest going somewhere chill, and not so fast pace. Allowing the both of you to really enjoy each others company.


06 Stoner chicks always have weed. We have all been there, no weed to smoke and it’s been a long stressful day. Well, having a stoner chick in your life will help that situation. She will not only have a rolled joint for you but a good dinner the both of you can get down on together.


07 She will be way easier to talk to. Which is great when your at your friends house trying to smoke and chill. She won’t drive you crazy hanging on your arm, but more likely to engage with your friends and start a conversation. Allowing you to just chill.


08 Stoner chicks are always up for pizza. You will never hear a stoner chick turn down a good pizza, which is awesome because how can anyone say no to pizza? Believe it or not their are those “non smoking chicks” that will say no to a pizza dinner. Crazy.


09 More then likely she will be generous. A good stoner chick will be more likely to buy and bring you home things you might need. So when she is out and about taking care of business you know she will be thinking of you. Just be sure to pay it back guys. Let her know she is also on your mind when your taking care of shit and buy her some flower.


10 Stoner chicks know how to enjoy a good laugh. Laughing is a great way to release stress and what better way then to get really baked and laugh at a good flick.


Of course not everyone will smoke weed in life and we get that all we’re suggesting is to make life easy and get yourself a stoner chick.

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Why Choose a Stoner Chick | Stoner Blog