Beginner’s Guide To Delta 10 Vape Cartridge

Is Delta 10 THC Effective in Getting You High? In a nutshell, Delta 10 THC gets you high. But it isn’t that simple. On Google, a fast search for Delta 8 tetrahydrocannabinol yields 4,760,000 results. Boom! There are over 619,000,000 results for “Delta 10 impacts” on Google. It’s simple to see how these teeny-tiny miracle […]

CBD & the Immune System: What Does the Research Say?

CBD & the Immune System: What Does the Research Say?

From the age-old tradition of drinking chicken broth to the use of natural ingredients like honey and lemon, there’s no shortage of remedies for viral infections. However, as the impact of COVID-19 continues to linger, the demand for up-and-coming immune-boosting supplements appears to be higher than ever. From probiotics to elderberry, a number of new […]

The Best Small Weed Grinder

The cannabis legalization movement has been gaining steam, and with that growth comes the acceptance and normalization of cannabis in every-day parts of society. What held a negative stigma just a couple years ago is now considered normal, albeit a little risqué. Some people have taken full advantage of this shift by microdosing throughout the […]

Weed Delivery Toronto: everything you need to know about 1-hour weed delivery

Cannabis culture has thrived in Toronto for decades. It has recently been termed the “Denver of the Great White North,” since it has become a hotspot for cannabis enthusiasts all across Canada. In Toronto, you may discover a wide range of cannabis-related activities, from festivals to THC-infused parties. New marijuana companies and brands have sprouted […]

5 Ways in which the detox program can help you.

A progressive detox program offers you a fresh start in life. It also provides the groundwork for a successful recovery. The detoxification process is as safe, comfortable, and effective as possible. Drug rehab baton rouge uses the most up-to-date evidence-based materials. We do not rely on an antiquated abstinence model. We provide medication-assisted detox to […]

Confused About Delta 8 Availability? 6 Reasons To Buy It Online

The negative aura surrounding cannabis is slowly eroding as it passes through the legal system. With the stigma starting to fade, more people have the opportunity to understand what the plant truly has to offer. This has led to a boost in the intensive studies conducted on its derivatives, albeit still being in the works. […]

How are CBD tinctures making the world a better place?

Everyone is always trying to discover new elements and treatments to improve their lifestyle. There is an endocannabinoid system present in the human body. Cannabinoids interact with this system and help to improve body function. CBD tinctures a therapeutic compound that derives from the cannabis plant. The cannabis plant has been in use since olden […]

Why CBD+CBN sleep tinctures are a game-changer for everyone×612&w=0&h=2wfSPfIfAtdvu_m6ME5iYDsGtOUzIiKGNNvDWEz9nOk=   Cannabidiol enthusiasts should know about another game-changing compound in the hemp plant. Cannabinol or CBN is a chemical compound found in cannabis or hemp plants. CBN is associated with fantastic health benefits and hence gaining popularity in no time. The compound being non-psychoactive, CBN has been a topic of discussion among researchers recently. […]

How Can CBD Hemp Flowers Help with Panic Attacks?

Social Anxiety and Panic Attacks  People deal with anxiety and stress daily. Anxiety disorders are one of the most common mental illnesses in cities and towns. People often resort to and seek medical help to treat anxiety because of how severe it can get. Panic attacks and anxiety affect daily tasks and make it inconvenient […]

How To Enhance Your Sports Career With Delta 8 Hemp Flowers?

Cannabis products have become popular due to their possible medicinal advantages. However, not all marijuana products are legal. In most nations, using marijuana may lead to arrest. In other situations, the legislation is unclear about whether cannabis products are allowed, leading to confusion among consumers. Because cannabidiol (CBD) is legal in most countries, most people […]

How Are CBD Vape Cartridges Solving Health Problems?

Image source: CBD has become notably famous in the last two decades. More people use a CBD vape cartridge to get intense and fast results safely and effectively. This steam-based product is said to be beneficial over many traditional products that exist in the market today. Since vaping is free from the different health […]

Did You Know These Facts About Vaping Cannabis?

Image source: Vapes, commonly known as e-cigs, e-cigarettes, among other stoner names, is the new form of ‘smoking’ that uses vapor. Vaping is drawing much attention due to the potential benefits and fewer side effects associated with it. However, vaping’s fame comes with a fair number of challenges. Many people associate it with traditional […]

10 Facts About Delta 8 CBD That No One Knows

Introduction As the popularity of cannabidiol products has skyrocketed in recent years, more people are making it a part of their lives after understanding its benefits. One such cannabidiol is Delta-8, a variant of Delta-9 THC, the most popular type of tetrahydrocannabinol. It is a naturally occurring compound with a structure quite similar to Delta-9, […]

Cannabis Lab Test Reports – How to Interpret them

The market for cannabis and its derivatives is booming. As more and more countries legalize marijuana, production is increasing worldwide, competition is growing, and even CBD for sale online is available. As in any market, we can find some cannabis-based products of the highest quality and others of dubious origin and credibility. That is why […]

Upgrade Your Smoke Session with MasonBrite

Gazing into gleaming nugs covered in crystals and burnt orange hairs is a stoner tradition as old as puff puff pass. If any plant deserves an ideal viewing environment, it is cannabis. Thousands of years of cross-breeding produced some of the most diverse flowers on Earth. ‘God put this here for me and you, take […]

Vaping Wax vs. Dabbing Wax What’s the Difference?

Vaping Wax vs. Dabbing Wax What’s the Difference? The ban on smoking tobacco in public places gave rise to an entire new pastime and industry – vaping. Big business already and growing at an alarming rate, the vape industry is a lucrative one for manufacturers and retailers of an ever-expanding range of equipment and products. […]

CBD Hemp Flowers – Guide for Beginners 2021

CBD Hemp Flowers – Guide for Beginners 2021 CBD flower has been a prominent receiver of the spotlight for a past couple of years. As claimed by hemp growing experts and cannabis enthusiasts, CBD flower is supposed to be the most enjoyable and non-intoxicating form of cannabis use. Although the demand for CBD flowers in […]


Top 10 Stoner Life Hacks

Top 10 Stoner Life Hacks These top 10 stoner life hacks are brought to you by our friends at DankGeek online headshop. Check out DankGeek for the best bongs, dab rigs, and vaporizers at the best prices!       1. Maximize your high with tropical fruit! Tropical fruit such as mangos contain a high amount of Vitamin C […]

The Story of the Legendary Gorilla Glue Strain

The Story of the Legendary Gorilla Glue Strain Award-winning Gorilla Glue, also known as Original Glue or GG#4, earned first place in several prominent Cannabis Cups, including the Jamaican World Cup. Gorilla Glue remains one of the most popular strains to enjoy and grow for its balanced genetics and huge, super-sticky buds. The strain’s exceptional […]


How To Make Cannabutter With Home Grown Trim

An upgrade to greatness in not only taste but vibes as well. Canna butters promising side effects have been one of the many powerful sources of cannabis consumption in the community. Our cookbook series begins with guidelines to properly create your own canna butter at home. This is and always will be the one special […]

5 Best CBD Gummy Suppliers

5 of The Best CBD Gummy Suppliers to Buy From in 2020 One of the most enjoyable and convenient ways to take advantage of the CBD (cannabidiol) is through CBD gummies. CBD gummies are a relatively modern, portable, and discreet way to have a benefit of the recreational form of CBD.   These tasteful gummies are […]


7 Products To Help You Fight Stress

7 Products To Help You Fight Stress CBD. It’s all anyone is talking about these days. It’s the new frontier in stress relief. Why CBD? Because it stands for cannabidiol, which is a mouthful to say. CBD is much easier to say.  CBD is also making stress reduction much easier. Science is making leaps and […]


Innovative Technology Calms Consumer Fears About Cannabis Vapes

Transparency in vape technology repairs some of the damage done to the industry following the 2019 vape scare. In September 2019, the nascent cannabis industry got clobbered by a sudden spike of lung injuries allegedly associated with vaping. By February 18, 2019,  the CDC reported that a total of 2,807 e-cigarette smokers were hospitalized with […]

StonerDays Announces Launch of CBD Non-Profit My Little Leaf

On A Mission To Save Lives. StonerDays Announces Launch of Non-Profit My Little Leaf Cancer in its many forms has been a thorn in humanities’ side for far too long causing immense suffering and taking the lives of far too many, and included in these casualties are the youth. My Little Leaf is making a […]

Online or offline – Which is the best way to purchase Kratom capsules?

The most common question that each Kratom enthusiast has is whether to buy Kratom online or offline. When it comes to making an online purchase, you are likely to have many concerns and questions. Many people prefer Google to search for stores. However, they become confused about where to find Kratom locally since there are […]

Saving children

Saving Children: StonerDays Is On A Mission To Save The Children!

Saving children is our mission! September has been designated Childhood Cancer Awareness Month to bring awareness to childhood cancer. Cancer remains the leading cause of death by disease for children under the age of 14. Saving children is our #1 goal here at StonerDays. Our nonprofit (501 C), My Little Leaf, Inc., has launched a […]

Chronic Crafts For Creative Cannabis Users

Chronic Crafts by StonerDays Pushing ourselves to infinity and beyond is something us stoners have been doing way before Mr. Light-Year hit the big screen. Something tell us our chronic crafts are not stopping anytime soon. One killer bong rip can produce 10 million dollar ideas or ten hours of the munchies and we appreciate […]

Stoner Engineering Reddits Will Blow Your Mind

Stoner Engineering Reddits Will Blow Your Mind Cannabis innovation grows in its own remote uncharted garden, hard to be perceived by the average un-lifted eye but always only a few feet away from a killer Cannabis Sativa crop. We clearly see this as the case when reviewing these Top 5 Stoner Inventions that would make […]

Cannabis Neck Gaiters

Face Mask Neck Gaiters For Cannabis Lovers by StonerDays

StonerDays announces long awaited launch of the ultimate line of Neck Gaiters For Cannabis Lovers! The pot-head people have spoken and smokey Neck Gaiters have been worn. What you have before you are YOUR top ten Neck Gaiters for Cannabis Lovers, and you never disappoint. Amongst the fan favorites are designs like the “3D Neck […]

Cannabis Shows Fried Five: Best Binge Worthy Stoner Series

Cannabis Shows Fried Five: Best Binge Worthy Stoner Series

Cannabis Shows Fried Five: Best Binge Worthy Stoner Series Since fate has given us ample time to watch Cannabis Shows, our pot head palms we’re taking full advantage. Every aspect and exploring a little something we call the Fried Five; Five Binge Worthy Stoner Series or films that will have you nothing short of captivated. […]

Why Are People More Inclined Towards Affordable E-Liquid?

Price-conscious consumers are always on the lookout for their next great bargain, especially now when we’re all dealing with the economic consequences of the pandemic. When you don’t have much disposable income, you need to hunt for the best deals you can get your hands stonon, whether we’re talking about groceries or e-liquids. However, even […]


5 Great Tips to Use CBD as an Effective Pre Workout Supplement

5 Great Tips to Use CBD as an Effective Pre Workout Supplement Over the years, there has been a lot of talk about the effectiveness of marijuana for fitness. Without a doubt, cannabis should be a part of your fitness lifestyle because of its calming and restorative effects. However, that doesn’t mean that THC should […]

Vaping CBD Oil 101: An Overview of the Risks & Benefits of Vaping with CBD

More people have tried experiencing what cannabis can do for them ever since many countries started legalizing CBD in its many forms. They’d use it to reduce their stress levels, for pain management, and for enjoyment. Yet, up until recently, most people only smoked cannabis. That is not suitable for everyone, nor does it have […]

Cannabis Themed Mobile Wallpapers by StonerDays May 2020

Cannabis Themed Mobile Wallpapers by StonerDays May 2020

A FREE collection of Cannabis Themed Mobile Wallpapers for stoners only! Download these Cannabis Themed Mobile Wallpapers and take them everywhere you go. To download, press on the image and save to your device. Set the image as your background and take StonerDays with you everywhere you go. Enjoy. Cannabis Themed Mobile Wallpapers for your […]

Chronic Vs Covid 19: A Higher State Of Mind

Chronic Vs Covid 19: A Higher State Of Mind As times continue to be uncertain and lives change on a daily basis, the revolving door of what ifs can take a heavy toll on us mentally. We’ve been challenged by this thief of joy: covid-19 as a test to be in control of our reactions […]


Cannabis Quarantine: Things For Stoners To Think About

Cannabis Quarantine: Things For Stoners To Think About Quarantine- A state, period, or place of isolation in which people or animals that have arrived from elsewhere or have been exposed to infectious or contagious disease are placed. Verb- Impose isolation on a person, animal, or place. (From the Original Oxford Dictionary) A definition that makes […]

Cartoon Classics in a Chronic World: The Simpsons

Cartoon Classics in a Chronic World: The Simpsons There are few things in this weed world that we can call timeless and have it be a literal statement. This is most definitely the case when talking America’s most beloved stoner cartoon/television family; The Simpsons. They started a phenomenon and captured our attention as well as […]

Advertising Package By StonerDays

Advertising Package | Product Review Drive Traffic to your site with a full product review from StonerDays. Send us the product you would like to promote. StonerDays will put together an eCommerce video making your product look amazing for your business. Product reviews increases conversion rates and helps driving traffic to your site. Put A […]

Cannabis Cartoon Characters in a Chronic World

Cannabis Cartoon Characters in a Chronic World Cannabis cartoons have an awesome way of reaching out specifically to you no matter what age range or genre you fit in to. These colorful depictions literally molded us into the people we are today. That Child-like state of mind we love coming back to is nothing short […]


Dank Geek The Leading Online Headshop

Dank Geek The Leading Online Headshop Dank Geek carries only the highest quality bong, concentrate rigs, hand pipes and accessories for our fellow enthusiasts. With customer service that is beyond great. We highly recommend check out this amazing collection of accessories in one easy to use spot. There pledge is to provide the best products, […]



TRIPPY CHOCOLATE CANNA SYRUP | Stoner Cookbook CHOCOLATE SYRUP There is nothing better than some good ol’ trippy chocolate canna syrup! As stoners having variety is a must, and we love to switch things up in order to find the perfect stone. We’re scientists at heart and proud to be, so let’s get to the […]

To Be, Or Not To Be – Stoned In Public

To Be, Or Not To Be – Stoned In Public Being alive during 2020 is literally us living in the future, a time where Mary Jane is widely accepted and welcomed more so now then any other time in history. Stoners everywhere have been taking advantage of this fact for some time now, getting blitzed […]

How to Choose the Right E-Liquid for Your Needs

How to Choose the Right E-Liquid for Your Needs Choosing the right e-liquid may sound easy, but if you are a beginner, it can be challenging because e-liquid comes in many flavours. Besides, they are available in different concentrations, and it’s hard to pick the right strength without the proper knowledge. No matter your needs, […]


How to Get Stoned at Family Functions

How to Get Stoned at Family Functions  So you’re thinking to yourself “How to Get Stoned at Family Functions.” All year round there are occasions for families to get together in attempts to keep everyone close. Even though it rarely works, still won’t stop the BBQ backyard vibes AND all of your extended loved ones […]

Best Stoner Christmas Movies

Best Stoner Christmas Movies Getting high with some of Hollywood’s best creations is something that stoners do on a regular basis, but during this magical time of the year there’s a different feel we want alongside our stone and that’s the Christmas spirit! Holiday movies are best served with a side of milk, cookies, and […]

Cannabis Stretching How To Stop It

Cannabis Stretching: The Best Ways To Control It

The Best Ways To Control Cannabis Stretching Image link Cannabis Stretching is usually a natural growth-shoot for cannabis plants. However, it can affect your yield and it can be a bother, mainly for new cannabis growers. Elongated and stretch stems do not provide cannabis plants with the stable base they need. Thus, it affects cannabis […]

Bottomless Pit Thanksgiving Munchie Monster

Thanksgiving Muchie Monster

Bottomless Pit Thanksgiving Munchie Monster In case you weren’t already hip, Thanksgiving is THE stoner’s Holiday and the obvious reason being the munchies. No other and turn your tummy into a bottomless pit. Depending on when and where you’re triggered this could be a real inconvenience… but not on Thanksgiving, on this day we welcome […]

Holistic Health and Earth Medicine

Holistic Health and Earth Medicine

Holistic Health and Earth Medicine In the upper right side of our abdominal. Sits a red coloured organ. Weighing in at about 3 pounds. Holistic Health and Earth Medicine. Responsibility is to regulate chemicals in the blood and balance/create nutrients. 2 sources that supply the Liver are. Oxygenated blood from the Hepatic Artery and rich […]


5 Facts You Must Know About CBD Bath Bombs 

5 Facts You Must Know About CBD Bath Bombs Bath bombs can give you a unique spa-like treatment for relieving sore muscles and exhaustion. After a long day at work or outdoors, a bath bomb offers relief and a luxurious treat to help you rejuvenate. According to studies, topical CBD (cannabidiol) can deliver more therapeutic […]

Cannabis and the Bible

Cannabis and The Bible: Kaneh-Bosm

Cannabis and The Bible: Kaneh-Bosm It’s been said that the main ingredient in the anointed oil Jesus would use was known as “Kaneh-Bosm”. Kaneh-Bosm: is a traditional Hebrew term that when broken down translates to… you guessed it Cannabis oil. Kan meaning “hemp” or “reed” and bosm meaning “aromatic”. With modern technology we’ve been able […]

How to Make the Best Tobacco E-Liquids

How to Make the Best E-Liquids   There are many ways of consuming tobacco products. About 14% of US adults use tobacco. Due to various health risks, most people are shifting from smoking to methods such as vaping.  Vaping, which refers to the process of vaporizing a liquid to inhale, has become an increasingly preferred […]

The Future of Smoking Weed at Work 

The Future of Smoking Weed at Work  Smoking Weed at Work is more commonly accepted these days. Today’s stoners have managed to move past the labels of the “lazy” or “hippie” pot-head and we’ve penetrated every spectrum of the workforce, and in some cases even dominating. The number of states with medical and recreational use […]


Holistic Health In its Many Forms LSD and Mushrooms

Holistic Health In its many forms: LSD and Mushrooms. Before we begin. I would like to say that this read is not about encouraging you to take hallucinogenic drugs. This is to encourage you to look deeper at what you put into your body. The positives and negatives. As a partaker of hullucingetics, i understand […]


Medicinal Advantages of a Dry – Herb Vaporizer

Medicinal Advantages of a Dry-herb Vaporizer The legalization of the herb in most states is news we gladly embraced. It led to the enlightenment of the various ways to consume cannabis, not just traditional smoking. While they all deliver the ultimate goal either medically or recreationally, they vary in the time they take to reach […]


Marijuana Dispensary Packaging & Labeling For Beginners

Marijuana Dispensary Packaging & Labeling For Beginners Marijuana policies in the United States have rapidly changed over the past decade. Even in states where the product is not yet legal, there is an ever-increasing demand from residents wanting it legalized. This is mainly because of the positive benefits cannabis and cannabis products have on the […]


Why You Shouldn’t Mix Booze And Weed

Why You Shouldn’t Mix Booze And Weed Before you grab booze and a joint, check that you are easy with one of the two can boost the result of the opposite. If you smoke your favorite homegrown cannabis when boozing, alcohol can increase the THC volume in your system. This happens as a result of […]

Benefits of Microdosing Cannabis: A True Story From Lady Tokes

Benefits of Microdosing Cannabis Lady Tokes: My 20 Day Microdose Journey Lady toking is what some would call Microdosing Cannabis. Microdosing is taking small amounts throughout the day. Away to study the human body with little amounts. I just like to call it. Lady tokes. It’s a practice i’ve been working with for the last […]


Top 5 Ways CBD Products Can Benefit My Dog

Top 5 Ways CBD Products Can Benefit My Dog   If your dog is sick and showing no signs of recovery, it may be time to consider other treatments. An ill dog at home can put a damper on any mood, and any pet owner would willingly try other medicines if there exists even a […]

Kratom vs. Marijuana: How the Two Popular Plants Compare

Kratom vs. Marijuana: How the Two Popular Plants Compare There is no denying the well-researched benefits of marijuana. From chronic and acute pain relief, to boosting your fitness game and post-workout recovery, all the way to treating glaucoma, cannabis has been shown to benefit the lives of healthy individuals as well as those seeking a […]


CBD and Sex: What you need to know

CBD and Sex: What you need to know Introduction Marijuana or weed is a derivative of the plant cannabis sativa. It has been found to help many conditions that were previously treated by medicines with side-effects. Doctors are increasingly inclining towards marijuana, given their natural remedial properties. According to the Natural Center for Complementary and […]


The Future of CBD in Food

The Future of CBD in Food In recent years, there has been a considerable increase in consumer’s desire for cannabidiol (CBD). With many people embracing CBD foods, today, you can find them in supermarkets and other new markets in states where they are legal. This is because people are starting to realize their benefits with […]

Why You Should Eat Marijuana Seeds: 5 Key Health Benefits

Why You Should Eat Marijuana Seeds: 5 Key Health Benefits When we talk about cannabis, the first thing that comes to our mind is smoking pot. And the most commonly consumed part of the plant is the leaves and the buds. But marijuana is a powerhouse in its complete self. From seeds to leaves, every […]


Cannabis and Caffeine: 4 Tips for Enjoying Weed and Coffee

Cannabis and Caffeine: 4 Tips for Enjoying Weed and Coffee You’re already a fan of the relaxing effect that CBD puff has on your mind, and who wouldn’t want their day to start with a cup of fresh java preferably with a different flavor from time to time? The two rituals are mind-bogglingly Zen separately, […]


Cannabis & The Yoni Women’s Health Part 1

Cannabis & The Yoni Women’s Health Part 1 The woman’s most sacred space. A tiny complex center that brings life into the world. Thousands of nerve endings bringing both pain and please. For more than half of us. It Is something unknown. We know it as the women’s birthing center. And for the lucky ones […]

6 Essential Facts to Know About Marijuana Edibles Before Indulging

Marijuana edibles are cannabis-infused foods like CBD gummy bears containing activated cannabis. However, you need to be cautious about them because as much as they can be helpful to patients to deal with issues like pain, it might not be a good idea to take them for recreational purposes. Why? Some people experience some side […]

Plastic The Slippery Slope To Nowhere Part 2

Plastic; The Slippery Slope To Nowhere Part 2 – Hemp Hemp are cannabis strains containing 0.3% THC or less. There are 3 different primary species. Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica and Ruderalis. Hemp has over 50,000 uses. Textiles, building materials and body care are only a few of its categories. Hemp has what they call a […]

Plastic; The Slippery Slope To Nowhere Part 1

Plastic; The Slippery Slope To Nowhere Part 1 Part 1 – Plastic Plastic. That weird thing that wraps almost all your items. Zip lock bags to milk containers. It’s almost hard to think of an item that is not wrapped up in plastic. This non biodegradable odorless item. What are you!? 1907 – Leo Hendrik […]


How Combining Cannabis with Meditation can Benefit Your Mental Health

How Combining Cannabis with Meditation can Benefit Your Mental Health? Science’s developing help of contemplation as an adapting/recuperating system gives us the inclination that marijuana and meditation may very well be a characteristic mix. Research has indicated long haul meditators display changes in the mind, and constructive outcomes on compassion, meta-psychological abilities, and wellbeing. Exactly […]