for Properly Storing Your Stash

Essential Tips for Properly Storing Your Stash

Whether you are just becoming part of the cannabis world or you are an avid weed smoker, knowing how to properly store your stash is very important. 

The truth is cannabis is a beautiful flower that requires special care. Although it doesn’t have an expiring date, the flower‘s natural properties can still cause it to lose some of its potency when exposed to some environmental factors or stored improperly.

So, in order to avoid your cannabis from going bad, brown, and crumbly, you need to consider investing in proper weed storage equipment and follow a few important tips to keep your stash fresh and potent at all times.

From storing cannabis in suitable weed container boxes to maintaining the ideal temperature, here is a list of several essential tips to properly store your weed.

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Say no to plastic bags

A common mistake many cannabis consumers make is that they store their stash in plastic bags. However, this is completely wrong because plastic bags do nothing to preserve your buds’ quality. The bag’s static charge can attract and even fry trichomes, which contain THC, causing your flower to lose its potency. This will further make you end up with pallid buds, with a bad smell and taste.

So, if you want to preserve the quality and freshness of your cannabis, avoid using plastic bags and opt for better weed storage containers instead.

Use mason jars

In addition to the modern weed storage boxes, mason jars continue to prove useful options for storing cannabis. These jars are airtight containers that protect the weed from sunlight and keep out moisture.

In general, some mason jars come with aluminum lids. However, your precious buds may develop a metallic taste if they are stored under low-grade aluminum caps for long periods of time. So, be careful where you place your weed container so you can avoid this from happening.

The best places where you can place your weed mason jars are in your kitchen pantry where it is dark and cool.

Consider environmental factors

There are four important environmental factors to consider when storing your weed. These include humidity, temperature, light, and airflow.

For example, the optimum humidity level for storing cannabis ranges from 59% to 63% RH. This will help retain your flower’s original color, aroma, and flavor.

Temperature is the second most important environmental factor that should be between 77 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent mildew.

As for light, remember to never expose your stash to direct sunlight because the UV rays can cause degradation in cannabinoids.

Lastly, make sure your weed containers are airtight to avoid degradation and increased humidity.

Never freeze or refrigerate your buds  

Another common mistake cannabis consumers make is they freeze or refrigerate their stash. This is also a bad idea because extreme temperatures can easily damage your flowers. They do this by causing the trichomes to become brittle and break off when handled.

In addition to this, freezing temperatures are more likely to increase the moisture levels of your buds which will ultimately result in mold. So, if you want to preserve the freshness and quality of your cannabis, you need to store it at an ideal temperature.

Invest in a humidor

Investing in a humidor is another effective way of storing cannabis and keeping it fresh and potent. The humidor works by containing a humidifying system that keeps the air moist, which in turn will keep your buds moist. Without a humidor, the chances are your flower will quickly lose its moisture and become dry and brittle.

There are special humidors that can store up to four strains at once. These humidors are great because they regulate the humidity and keep your buds fresh for longer.

Storing products infused with cannabis

You shouldn’t keep cannabis-infused products such as edibles for too long. These products come with expiration dates and guidelines on their packaging. They must be stored in the same way as regular food products unless stated otherwise on their packaging.

Moreover, concentrated cannabis is less likely to develop mold because of the lower amount of biomatter. However, it is recommended that you follow the same guidelines for properly storing cannabis products.

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Final thoughts

Whether you are a novice smoker or an avid cannabis consumer, knowing how to properly store your weed is very important. From using proper weed storage containers to considering all environmental factors, there are several key factors you should know and do to preserve the quality of your flower. 

For more help, refer to our post and learn how to properly store your cannabis.