Learn how to Smoke from a Bong

Learn how to Smoke from a Bong

A bong is a pipe that is typically used as a way of consuming marijuana. It filters and cools the smoke using water, enabling a smoother, cleaner, and perhaps healthier smoking experience.

The thermodynamics of a bong are very simple: smoke is drawn into a chamber filled with water, and as it rises to the surface through the liquid, the water cools the smoke’s temperature and draws away tiny particles like tar and ash.

Bongs come in all shapes and sizes and there are literally thousands of unique designs, but essentially, the way they are used is the same. The diversity in their designs is often a means of expression for the smoker. With many stylish bongs on the market, everyone can feel unique which adds to the entire sensation of consuming marijuana. 

It is a long-standing implementation. Even though modern bongs are more sophisticated objects, they nonetheless have the same function as their ancient predecessors. This article describes how to use bongs and what their advantages are.

Prepare your bong 

Make absolutely sure your bong is ready to use before anything else. As you insert the downstem, make sure your bowl goes in easily and is free of any ash.

After that, fill the water chamber with water. The mouthpiece, a big opening at the top of the bong, is where the water goes. Then, you just need to add enough water to the water chamber so that the bottom of the downstem is completely immersed. Make sure everything is positioned correctly within the bong if you are using any additional parts, such as an ice catch.

Grind the marijuana 

A grinder is the most effective tool for this task since it will provide the most consistent grind. Insert a medium-sized nug in the area of the grinder where the grinding teeth are located. Place the cap over the grinder and start twisting back and forth till the weed is ground well.

You may use a pair of razor-sharp scissors or even your fingers if you don’t have a grinder. Whatever technique you choose, the objective is to break the nug into smaller pieces that are around the same size.

Load the bowl

Grab a bit of marijuana with your fingertips after it has been ground. Put it carefully into the bowl. Then, gently pound the marijuana into the bowl using your finger, a lighter, or a tamping tool. But be careful not to overpack the bowl; doing so might make it difficult to draw smoke. Fill the bowl with marijuana just until it is completely full, then insert the bowl into the downstem.

Light up 

You are now prepared to start using your bong. Light one corner of the bowl using a lighter. Put your mouth on the mouthpiece and begin inhaling. You don’t need to draw the smoke very hard, instead, draw slowly and steadily for a more smooth sensation. The smoke will emerge from the bowl through the downstem and begin to bubble up into the water, which will be visible.

Clear the chamber 

You must clean the chamber before taking a hit once it has become smoke-filled. Move the bowl out of the downstem to free the chamber. It is necessary to continue to draw the smoke into your lungs. In order to force the smoke up the mouthpiece and into your lungs, you need to remove the bowl from the bong. This opens the airflow through the bong which allows you to inhale.

Clean your bong

Bongs can very quickly become quite dirty or smelly, so in order to keep your bong in peak condition longer you will need to clean it after every use. 

Empty the bowl of all the ash to start. After that, take out the bowl and put it in a plastic bag with a zipper, along with some coarse salt, and some rubbing alcohol. Till the dish is clean, move it around within the bag. The bowl should then be taken out of the bag and thoroughly cleaned with water. Then do the same thing with the downstem. You may just slip the downstem into the same zipper-top bag if the salt/alcohol solution isn’t too filthy.

Now that the bowl and downstem are out of the way you can focus on the bong itself. Pour out the water that is in the chamber and add some coarse salt and rubbing alcohol and use some rubber stops to plug all the holes. Give the bong a good shake and then pour the alcohol out and clean it with some water. 

Final thoughts 

Keep in mind that even though you wipe the bong after every use, it might still remain dirty. This is why you need to make sure that you keep each part hygienic in order to prevent inhaling any bacteria when you use it. This shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your marijuana, and hopefully, our guide on smoking this magic weed will be helpful for you to get the best cannabis experience.