How to Select the Perfect Hookah and Shisha for Your Needs

A hookah consists of a water pipe in which consumers smoke flavored tobacco.

There are various hookah sizes and styles, ranging from little handheld pipes to big ornate models. However, all hookahs function in the same way, regardless of size or style. The hookah consists of a tube or a bowl with a hose, and the smoker inhales the flavored smoke through the hose once the coals have heated the tobacco.

Recently, hookahs became very popular because many people started using them for fun while hanging out with their friends. In fact, the number of shisha bars in the UK rose from 187 to 514 in the period between 2012 to 2022. But finding the perfect hookah is not an easy process because of the many choices available. 

Continue reading to find four useful tips for choosing the best hookah and shisha according to your needs.


Try different shisha flavors 

When looking for a hookah with a suitable price and a pipe made according to your needs, it’s also important to pick the best shisha flavours because they make this experience richer. But choosing the best shisha tobacco flavor is completely different for everyone. Everything from fruits and herbs to spices and unique combinations is accessible in today’s market. 


You can also mix the flavors and make a unique combination. This way, you can create your perfect shisha flavor. There are several possibilities, and what you choose will influence your experience, making it even richer and unparalleled. That’s why you need to make sure the hookah you buy is long-lasting and easy to clean.

Pay attention to the shisha tobacco leaves

Shisha tobacco, or the leaves used in the recipe can be found in blonde, golden, and black color varieties. Usually, blonde or golden-leaf tobacco is lighter, so it is much more suitable for people who recently started using a hookah. On the other hand, dark-leaf tobacco is more assertive, delivering harder doses regardless of flavor.


Check the price 

The price is important because it usually determines the quality of the hookah. It depends on the place where you buy it whether it’s from a hookah bar or a store, the design, materials, shisha flavors you plan to use, and the sophisticated technology involved in some of the most intricate designs. 


Image source: Shisha Works 

Find the perfect hookah size

Hookah sizes are generally categorized as small, medium, and large. However, each category has some overlap, and there is a rule that can help you decide. If you smoke alone, a small hookah will suffice. Otherwise, everything, from the water’s base to the size of the bowl, will be too large for a single session. 


Even if you share it with a friend, a small hookah will be sufficient for a 30-minute session. Only consider a medium hookah if you are having a gathering of two or three individuals. A large hookah is ideal for big groups, parties, and social occasions.

Pay attention to the materials

Each hookah has different materials used for its creation. Typically, the base that serves as the water chamber consists of glass materials. The bowl is usually made of clay, which is mostly glazed. The pipe or stem and the hose have different materials, such as brass or stainless steel, so choose one that you like. But, the stem of an ornate hookah is different as it can be from glass or wood. If you want a plain hookah, avoid frills. 

When it comes to the hookah tray, it consists of an alloy or metal, but never plastic, wood, or any other material that can burn. Usually, the hose of the hookah has plastic or silicone material. Keep in mind that silicone hoses are washable, but plastic ones are not because they contain a metal coil that can corrode over time. 

Image source: Instinct Magazine 

Pick the hookah design carefully

The hookah design is important because it affects your way of using and cleaning it. The design refers to both the exterior look and the internal construction of the hookah. Those with simple designs are typically easier to operate and clean than hookahs with more complex designs. Usually, complex-designed hookahs are much more difficult to use and maintain, although they offer a more enjoyable and unique smoking experience.

Final thoughts

Once you decide to purchase a hookah, make sure it is from a trusted buyer. Carefully pick the size, height, and materials used to make it. Start with a small hookah and use flavors with light smell and taste, just to get you started.

You need something practical and easy to use, especially if this is your first time enjoying this activity. Once you get the experience of how this all works, share it with your friends and try different flavors, but always with caution.