How Are Disposable Vape Devices Different From Refillable Ones?

If you buy a refillable vape, you are buying an entire kit with it. You yourself have to change the coil inside it and refill the E-liquid each time it gets over. To generate heat and vaporize the liquid, you have to press a button on the vape and then inhale it.

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Whereas, if you buy a disposable vape it comes in a ready-to-use condition. You just have to inhale from it and all the other functions will happen automatically.

Read the article below to know the various pros and cons of using both these types of vapes before you buy them from reliable sites like Dispomode, VaporLax, or Hyde.

Points of Difference Between Disposable Vapes and Refillable Vapes

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1.   Convenience and Maintenance


If you are using refillable vapes then you have to change the coil used in it frequently. You even have to change the E- liquid or flavor that comes in a liquid form, if it gets over.


So you will have to complete a lot of steps before you can even start using it, making these types of vapes too inconvenient for you to use. You need to maintain it too from time to time by refilling it which again takes up a lot of time.


On the contrary, if you are using disposable vapes you don’t have to change the coil or the E-liquid. All the processes in these types of vapes are completely automatic and do not need to hit any button to generate heat.

This makes disposable vapes very convenient for you to use quickly when you want to do vaping. Due to all its procedures being automatic, you don’t even have to maintain it in any way.


2.   Easy-To-Use


If you own a refillable vape then as we mentioned above you have to go through a lot of stores to even get it in a usable condition. You even have to hit the button on the vape to generate heat and nothing in it is automatic.


So, these refillable vapes are nowhere easy when it comes to use. You even have to carry all its parts that you may need to change, wherever you go outside. So there goes in a lot of planning before you even plan to carry it.


If you own a disposable vape, certainly then all the functions or steps before or while you are using it are automatic. You just have to remove the cap that comes with the packaging and start to inhale it.


So, these disposable vapes are much less complex than refillable vapes. They are very easy to use and over it, very easy to carry. You can just conveniently slide it into your pocket and there is no need to carry any parts. So, you don’t have to think much before you use a disposable vape.


3.   Economical


If you are buying a refillable vape then sure they are costlier than the disposable ones. On an average, it will cost you around $40 to $90. With it being a little costlier, comes the benefit of lasting for a longer period of time.


So, if you are buying a vape to use it regularly then definitely it’s more economical for you to buy a refillable vape. It will last way longer than a disposable vape and definitely is worth the price you pay for it.


On the other hand, if you are buying a disposable vape and not a refillable vape it will be way cheaper for you. Its average cost is $5 to $10. But the only thing to note here is that it will not last half as long as a refillable vape would last. You can on average use it for 8 to 10 days before disposing it of.


So, if you are looking for a vape just to satisfy your seasonal urge for vaping then you should buy a disposable vape. But if you are a regular user of vape then it is not economical for you to buy a disposable vape as it may lead to repeated spending on the same thing making it costlier.


4.   Flexibility Of Flavor


If you are using a refillable vape then you need to change the flavored liquid that comes inside to vaporize whenever it’s heated. So, you can use the filler of any company to refill your vapes regardless of the company of vape, each time it gets over.


On the other hand, if you are using a disposable vape you can’t change the flavor filled inside. You have to wait till it gets over completely and you buy the new one. Also, the variety of flavors also depends on the brand you are buying your vape of.


5.   Environment Friendly


If you are using a refillable vape then you don’t dispose of it quickly. You change the filler or E- liquid inside the same body that has the tank capacity of 2 ml, till the time its battery life fades away. Hence, using this type of vape is more environmentally friendly.


Whereas, if you are using a disposable vape you have to dispose of it every time a flavor gets over. Though disposable vapes also come with a 2 ml capacity but can’t be refilled and have to be disposed of in about a week or 10 days after you get them. And due to this, they are less environmentally friendly than refillable ones.


6.   Nicotine Content


When you are using the refillable vape, you can change the strength of the nicotine each time you change the flavor inside. You can choose to refill it with a liquid that has 10 mg or 20 mg nicotine content and gradually reduce it to maybe 0mg.


But if you are using a disposable vape, most of them contain 20 mg of nicotine content and it is not easy to switch to 10 mg one once you have done vaping with the higher nicotine one. And if you are aiming at gradually reducing smoking then definitely you should not go for this type of vape.



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Now you know that though a refillable vape needs a lot of maintenance and preparation before you use it, still if you are aiming to reduce smoking by using vape you should definitely go for the refillable ones. It is more environmentally friendly too.


But if you are just a seasonal smoker and want to use vape just for the sake of trying it then you should buy a disposable vape as it is convenient, easy to use, and almost needs no maintenance. It is cheaper also to buy a disposable vape if you are looking for something to use for a shorter period.