First-Time With Cannabis Edibles

First-Time With Cannabis Edibles- How To Prepare For The Switch

Edibles are perhaps the most trending cannabis products right now. Even the thought of the delicious aroma of baked delights like brownies and cookies is alluring. You will love the feel of crunchy chocolates, gooey gummies, and tasty candies as well. The variety in edibles is endless as you can try every possible product you can visualize and imagine, from ice cream to popsicles, capsules, drinks, and more. Even though the variety is tempting, you cannot dive in headfirst when it comes to ingesting cannabis for the first time.

Even consumers experienced with other forms of cannabis may hardly be ready for the edible experience. It is a whole new world to explore, and the outcomes are nothing like the effects of vapes, tinctures, and oils. It makes sense to get your facts about edibles right as a part of the preparation for your first time with cannabis edibles. Edible education is essential, even for a seasoned cannabis consumer, so avoid being overconfident. Let us share a few tips to get ready for the switch.

Set your expectations

Whether you are an absolute newbie or a beginner with edibles, you must set your expectations. Essentially, edible cannabis works differently because it delivers the cannabinoids through digestion. Expect the effects to set in only after a couple of hours rather than right away as with vapes and tinctures. It makes edibles ideal for consumers looking for a slow but sustainable relief for their pain or anxiety. But you may not really benefit from these products if you are an impatient user looking for an instant hit. Alternatively, you may give them a try as a recreational user, just to embrace the trend.


Explore your options

With cannabis edibles, you can surely expect to be spoiled for choice. You will love the gummies, candies, chocolates, and brownies if you have a sweet tooth. But it makes sense to explore your options and try them one by one to relish each variant and figure out your favorites. You can check a local dispensary or go through an online catalog to know the product variants. Try a small serving in the dispensary or order a minimum portion from the delivery service as a beginner. Go slow and easy, no matter how excited you feel about buying and trying all kinds of edibles.

Buy from a trusted seller

This one is a no-brainer for all cannabis products, but it is even more crucial for edibles. You must go the extra mile by checking the seller’s credentials. It is better to stick with your regular store if you already consume cannabis in another form because you will not have to invest a lot of effort in checking them out. Experts at legacy dc recommend checking the buyer reviews before picking your products from a store or delivery service. You may also ask for recommendations from a seasoned user to get valuable and authentic advice as a beginner.

Check the label for ideal dosing

Dosing can be rather challenging for first-time edible consumers. As a rule, you must start low with a new product. Even better, take a microdosing approach to enjoy your experience without going overboard. Beginners with edibles can opt for 5 mg of THC, while 1 to 2.5 mg is enough for absolute newbies. The calculation part gets tricky for some products like chocolates and brownies because you need to divide the THC in the total amount by the number of servings to get the amount per serving. You can steer clear of the confusion by opting for gummies, candies, or capsules as the quantity per serving is fixed. You can titrate the dose later once you know your tolerance levels.

Wait before a second helping

Since edibles are slow to act, consumers often go wrong with a second helping. You are likely to do it if already habitual to vapes and tinctures. When the product does not act for a couple of hours, you will probably want to take another dose of the product. But the golden rule with this cannabis variant is to be patient and wait for the cannabinoids to kick into action. If you re-dose too soon, you may end up getting too high. It gets even more troublesome for beginners who have no idea about dealing with the psychoactive effects. Commit to staying off the repeat serving for a few hours because you won’t need one.

Time your first experience in the evening

Most cannabis strains induce sleep and relaxation unless you pick one that peps your energy levels. It makes sense to time your first edible session in the evening because you will probably want to get a good slumber for a few hours after relishing the product. Wind up your tasks, ensure no work calls are pending and put the kids to sleep (if you are a mommy or daddy) before indulging. You will be able to handle the high better if you end up taking more than needed.

Store your edibles safely

Having a great first experience with cannabis edibles is more than what you do during the session. You will probably not finish the entire lot in one go, so ensure to follow the storage rules to maintain the taste and integrity of the product. Remember to store it in a cool, dark place, away from the reach of kids and pets. The innocent-looking edibles can be risky for the little ones as they may want to nibble on a cookie or brownie. It is better to have a dedicated storage space only you can access. The last thing you want to deal with is a kid, pet, or even a visitor consuming your stash unintentionally.

Your first time with cannabis edibles deserves to be the best because of the sheer variety you can explore. Luckily, you can do your bit to make the trip safe and enjoyable. Follow these simple tips to make the most out of your initial sessions and get better every time you try them again.