Useful Ways to Store Cannabis Seeds This

Useful Ways to Store Cannabis Seeds This 2022

Cannabis products are readily available, and people use them for recreational and medicinal purposes.

Although available in the market widely, some people prefer to grow these seeds in their gardens instead of purchasing them. It is because they are highly durable. However, improper storage can ruin them. But with appropriate care, they may last for five years after harvest with proper storage.

Cannabis seeds are living things. So until and unless you harvest it, you need to take good care to provide optimal conditions to ensure they hold through. Proper storing is a crucial stage to ensure the health of your crop. This blog will discuss the key factors when storing Cannabis Seeds and effective ways to stock them securely.

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What Are Cannabis Seeds?

People are very well aware of how cannabis has evolved and helped them in a thousand ways. These plants are the evolved form of cannabis seeds, available in regular, feminized, and auto-flowering forms. It comes in peppercorn size and is ovular in form with pointed edges.

The seed contains all the genetic information for growth and reproduction. After the plantation of the seed, the genetic material dictates unique characteristics like potency, smell, and vigor. It is an easy-to-digest plant-based protein, and it might be best if you are trying to gain or lose weight. It may help normalize blood pressure and be the best for a healthy heart and brain. Regular consumption of these seeds may help you avoid life-threatening diseases.

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Pivotal Factors To Look Out For When Storing Cannabis seeds.

Several factors reduce the germination rates of your cannabis seeds. The factors include light exposure, humidity level, and temperature fluctuations. However, it is not possible to eradicate it wholly. But one can surely minimize and control the effects of these factors and extend the lifetime of your collection.



As mentioned before, cannabis seeds contain the genetic information crucial for the growing plant. Keeping these seeds exposed to a long-term bright light slowly damages them. By nature, the cannabis seeds stay inside the soil. The soil protects them from harmful UV rays. But, this is not the case when preserving it. They cannot cope with the intense light, and one should keep them away from harmful light exposures.



The humidity level is a salient factor when storing cannabis seeds. The germination process takes place when there is a moist, humid condition. Therefore, low humid conditions are best for storing cannabis kernels. You should keep it away from moisture droplets, as the moisture allows the taproot to emerge. There should be 10% water content inside the cannabis seeds. Hence, it is better to measure the humidity level of the storing place before keeping it. 25% to 75% humidity level is the best for storing it. Less than 25% humidity may allow the seed to desiccate.


Temperature fluctuations

The seed life automatically extends when kept at low temperatures. The living tissue inside the kernel can survive for long at cool temperatures as this slows the biochemistry. The ideal storage temperature is 4 degrees. But one can keep it under 10 degrees to ensure the life expectancy of the seed. High temperatures eventually damage the cannabis seeds and disrupt the growing capability.

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Ways To Store Cannabis Seeds

Being a beginner, you may lack knowledge of storing cannabis kernels effectively. So let’s learn about the simplest yet the best ways to keep it. There are plenty of ways, but we give you the top five effective ways of stocking them.


Glass jars

Users who do not want to plant cannabis seeds immediately keep them in a glass jar. It is best for long-term purposes as it does not allow any water droplets to get inside. The glass jars come in various shapes and sizes, and you store the seeds to protect them from humidity. Placing cotton balls helps absorb excess moisture that may damage the cannabis seeds. Seal the jar with a tight cap to ensure its safety. You can wrap the jars with an opaque cloth and keep them safe for years.


Paper envelopes

Paper envelopes are safe for storing cannabis seeds for a short-term period. Standard mailing envelopes can be a good option. Make sure to place it in a dark place away from light. The darkness allows the kernel to stay dormant and prevents sprouting. Sprinkling grains of rice regulate humidity. Keep it indoors to halt the bad weather from affecting it.


Mylar bags or vacuum-sealed bags

Mylar bags are an alternative to glass jars. Ensure that the bags are thick enough so that no humidity or light can penetrate inside. Mylar bags can resist bad temperatures, so it is a plus point.

Another great option is vacuum-sealed bags, alternative to mylar bags. Hence, the bags prevent oxygen get into contact with the kernels. Both the methods are effective and help the cannabis kernels remain dormant for a prolonged period. Ziplocs can be beneficial for a short period.



Keeping the seeds in the freezer will not spoil your seeds. In fact, with the perfect temperature, cannabis seeds remain safe for a long time. To ensure the safety of the cannabis seeds, place them in plastic bags resistant to cool temperatures. Controlling the temperature is crucial, as too much cold can damage the seeds. Adjust the temperature of the freezer to 4 degrees. Keep checking in a while to ensure the cannabis seeds are secured. Ensure that no light is penetrating the freezer as it may be harmful to the cannabis seeds. If you lack a refrigerator, you can store the seeds in your underground basement away from heat and light.


Storage pot

The storage pot comes with an airtight lid that stores your cannabis seeds. There are various pot sizes. Hence, you can choose from many options. Label the pots with the strains so that you can quickly identify them. Store the storage pots in a cool place to prevent heat. One can use a desiccant pack or cotton to protect from humidity. Make sure that no air gets in the pot.



If you plan to harvest the seeds immediately after buying them, you should have no issues. However, if you plan to store them, all the above methods are beneficial. Ensure that you protect your cannabis seeds from heat, light, and humidity. Seal or cover it tightly to protect it from insects and pests. One should keep it clean and tidy. Take care of the pivotal factors when storing them. Avoid exposure to ensure safety for a prolonged period. The best way to germinate cannabis seeds is to keep them inside lightly moistened cotton pads for one to two days. You may consult farming experts before storing the seeds or research other alternatives.