Did You Know These Facts About Vaping Cannabis?

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Vapes, commonly known as e-cigs, e-cigarettes, among other stoner names, is the new form of ‘smoking’ that uses vapor. Vaping is drawing much attention due to the potential benefits and fewer side effects associated with it.

However, vaping’s fame comes with a fair number of challenges. Many people associate it with traditional smoking, although it’s entirely different from it. But despite the negativity spreading around, vaping seems to have hit the market by storm in the recent past. Leading producers from top vaping sites are coming up with new smok vapes to suit every user’s needs.

As a new user, you may be wondering why many people prefer vaping over other delivery means? Well, it comes down to convenience, comfort, and control. Vapes offer their users a tailored experience that satisfies their needs. To add to consumer satisfaction, e-juice cartridges come in different flavors to enhance the taste of substances used.

Vaporizing might be the new trend, but do you know about these facts concerning vaping?

1.   Can Aid Quit Smoking

Vapes seem to be effective in helping smokers quit. Nicotine in cigarettes is a highly addictive substance that hooks users. When smoking a traditional cigarette, the user has zero control over the quantity of nicotine consumed. The only way they can restrain is by limiting the number of cigarettes to have, which is highly ineffective. Vapes, however, give the users total control over nicotine intake.

The e-juice is available in several variable strengths. Users willing to quit smoking can start from a high nicotine e-juice cartridge and tone it down to nicotine-free cartridges. This allows the users to gradually detach from their old habits and switch to safer delivery methods with fewer health effects.

2.   Safer Than Smoking

Misinformation about vapes is circulating because most people don’t understand them since some come in similar shapes to cigarettes. However, cigarettes produce tar, nicotine, and carbon monoxide during combustion while vapes don’t. These substances bring about the health complications associated with cigarette smoking, including cancers, throat irritation, cardiovascular problems, and many more.

E-juices used in vapes contain far fewer chemicals than cigarettes. Smokers switching to vapes experience lower blood pressure, improved taste, easier breathing, and reduced coughing frequency.

3.   No Noxious Odor

Vapes are smoke-free. Traditional smoking results in the production of an unpleasant odor that lingers on you, your clothes, hair, house, or car for hours. Vapes, however, produce a pleasant smell and only last for a few minutes. Non-smokers may even like your smell since e-juice comes in deciduous flavors such as fruity flavors.

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4.   No Effect on Passive Smokers

The breakdown of vapor produced by vapes takes seconds after release; hence doesn’t linger. Smoke, however, is dense thus stays for more extended periods in the atmosphere after release. Non-smokers around end up breathing in the smoke and hence unwillingly inhale the harmful chemicals in the smoke.

A study shows that passive smokers are at greater risk of experiencing smoking-related issues compared to active smokers. On the other hand, Vapes don’t have these harmful chemicals in them, plus the breakdown of the vapor happens within seconds of its release.

Vaporizers also give the user the absolute power to control the quantity of vapor produced. Hence those using vapes can reduce the amount of vapor output while smoking in public areas. The ability to regulate the vapor volume aids in subtlety and stealth to minimize victimization by people around you.

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5.   Anyone Can Vape

There is a misbelief that vapes are solely used by smokers willing to quit smoking. Even though they aid in smoking cessation, that’s not their only use. It is rising as one of the most preferred methods of administering medicinal marijuana. The cannabinoids compounds of cannabis have a vast array of health benefits. These benefits include alleviating anxiety, improving sleep cycle, pain-relieving, anti-inflammation, among others.

The social aspect of smoking can also be achieved—some people associate smoking with being cool, especially using high-end substances like cigars. Despite not wanting to inhale the substances in cigars, they can obtain a vape device in the shape of cigars but fill them with different cartridges that don’t produce the same chemicals as cigars. Besides, vaping is considered fashionable, and there are uniquely designed and attractive vaping devices. If you are into fashion, you can easily find a classy vape that sends a strong fashion statement.


The internet is filled with myths and misconceptions about vaping. Nonetheless, scientific research has proved that vaping can benefit people by aiding in drug administration and help nicotine smokers quit.

This guide equips you with important facts about vaping that you might not have known. If you’re thinking of switching to vaping, then a fantastic experience awaits you. Do more research and ask for guidance to educate yourself on the basics around vaping.