CBD Oil vs. CBG Oil: What Are The Differences And How To Choose

CBD Oil vs. CBG Oil: What Are The Differences And How To Choose

CBD is known for its medicinal and recreational benefits, and also for its ability to induce feelings of joy and relaxation.

This article discusses the differences between these compounds and also considers which is the best choice and the most effective.

What Are Cannabinoids?

Cannabis contains various compounds. Decades of research have revealed a lot about the chemical of different types of cannabis plants. While CBD gets a lot of exposure, lesser-known cannabinoids like CBG are becoming more popular as progress is made in understanding them.

CBD and CBG are both compounds found in the cannabis plant. However, neither is a substance that will make you drunk or high when ingested. CBG is better understood than CBD, but one certainty is that the two have different effects when isolated and used. While not a discovery, much research on CBG has been done, but recently it has come to be in the limelight.

Comparisons to CBD suggest that the two chemicals are closely related and indeed share some properties. Neither are psychotropic substances, and they both have analgesic, neuro-protective, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. CBG appears to have specific uses and health benefits that differ from CBD. For example, CBG and CBD affect food cravings in markedly different ways. While CBD markedly increases appetite, CBG does the opposite.

Which One Should You Use?

Despite being a promising substance, experts say that people should use CBG with caution. As for a drug that is not yet fully understood, waiting for more information to come to light is recommended. At least until more research becomes available about its long-term effects and interactions with other treatments. Either way, it can be difficult to get CBG oil as it is considerably more difficult to obtain than CBD. On the other hand, you can use online resources like Miister CBD to find high-quality CBD oil from a variety of brands.


Although the two cannabinoids are similar, they have different effects and properties. As with any alternative medicine, try to find out as much as you can before trying it out.