Why CBD+CBN sleep tinctures are a game-changer for everyone



Cannabidiol enthusiasts should know about another game-changing compound in the hemp plant. Cannabinol or CBN is a chemical compound found in cannabis or hemp plants. CBN is associated with fantastic health benefits and hence gaining popularity in no time. The compound being non-psychoactive, CBN has been a topic of discussion among researchers recently. Combining CBD and CBN oil for sleep can provide excellent benefits.

Do not confuse CBN with CBD!

The acronyms are challenging to remember. However, knowing the differences between CBD and CBN is essential. The main distinction between these two compounds is that we know much more about CBD than about CBN. Researchers have had studied the potential benefits of CBD in various health ailments, including depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, and chronic pain. However, CBN being a newbie in the hemp industry, studies show its magical effects on problems related to sleep.


The second difference is the scarcity of the CBN compound. You might not easily locate any CBN dispensaries or scroll down various products infused with CBN over the internet. At least for now, since the studies and investigations are not sufficient enough, CBN is less accessible.

CBN’s miraculous effect on sleep

The anecdotal pieces of evidence have proven that CBN might be used as a tranquilizer. A lot of marketers name the products containing CBN as “sleep aid.”


A study published in 1975 suggested that CBN may be a sedative. The effects of CBN in concomitance with tetrahydro cannabidiol were tested on 5 participants. However, a lot of criticism suggested that THC, the psychoactive compound in hemp, is responsible for the sedative effects of CBN.


CBN is prominent in older hemp flowers. The tetrahydro cannabinolic acid (THCA), when exposed to air for a more extended period, turns into CBN. Evidence and studies show that cannabis that is aged helps people fall sleepy. This is the main reason why people using CBN experience the sedative effects.


However, the scientific studies to confirm these statements are less and not efficient enough. Hence, doctors might not strongly suggest you use CBN products as confidently as they might advise using a product infused with CBD.


Also, many researchers believe that the soothing aspect of CBN is not related to the product but to some other element that might be anonymously present in the compound.

The established benefits of CBD for sleep

CBD has been used for recreational as well as medical purposes. The last two decades have shown immense interest in marijuana or CBD in particular. It has encouraged the researchers to conduct various studies on CBD.


Earlier it was suggested that higher doses of CBD may help you sleep better. Gradually, scientists came up with a different dosage that might be helpful for different ailments. Studies suggest that 160 milligrams of CBD increase the duration of sleep. Combined with Nitrazepam, a dosage of 40, 60, or 80 milligrams of CBD might help you sleep better.


The scientific reason linked with the study is that CBD helps in reducing cortisol levels in the body. A person who has insomnia possibly has higher levels of cortisol at night, unlike normal people. When consumed before going to bed, CBD reduces the secretion of the stress hormone and lessens the chances of night awakenings.


Further, a study included 103 participants suffering from anxiety or sleep disorder for three consecutive months. This study tested the interactions of CBD with other medications. They concluded that CBD dosage could range between 25-175 milligrams, where 25 mg is the most efficient dose for people suffering from anxiety. However, people dealing with sleep disorders require a higher dosage of CBD.


During these months, 66 percent of people reported sleep improvement in the first follow-up; however, 25 percent suffered a deterioration in sleep. The second follow-up showed improvement in 56 percent of the participants, while 26 percent reported lack of sleep.

Thus, the study concluded that CBD might help in the short term but might not show effectiveness in the long run.

Other effects of CBN

CBN has some other health benefits as well. Gradually as researches are being conducted, people are exposed to the fact that CBN might:

  • Relieve pain – A 2019 study concluded that CBN helps relieve chronic pain in rats. Hence, it might also help treat pain experienced by humans.
  • Stimulate appetite – The rodent study showed that consumption of CBN made the rats hungrier and built the capacity to eat a large amount of food over a longer time.
  • Reduce inflammation – In 2016, a study was conducted to show the pain-relieving effects of CBN on rats suffering from arthritis.
  • Acts an antibacterial – The 2008 study explained the effect of CBN on MRSA bacteria that causes infections. CBN killed these bacteria and acted as an antibiotic.


All these tests and studies were conducted on rats. Human trials have not yet been administered.

Potential interactions of CBN with other medications:

If you plan to consume CBN, it should be kept in mind that CBN has been studied to interact with some medications. They are:

  • antibiotics and antimicrobials
  • anticancer medications
  • antiepileptic drugs (AEDs)
  • blood pressure medications
  • blood thinners
  • cholesterol medications
  • erectile dysfunction medications
  • heart rhythm medications
  • immunosuppressants
  • pain medications
  • prostate medications

Side effects of CBD and CBN Sleep tinctures:

Consuming CBD and CBN sleep tinctures might leave you with a trail of side effects, including:

  • Dry mouth
  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting


Pregnant and breastfeeding women should restrict themselves from consuming CBD or CBN.

Alcoholics should not consume any hemp or cannabis products, as a study suggested that CBD provokes suicidal tendencies.


Regardless of any health ailment, consult your doctor before deciding the dose and usage of CBD and CBN sleep tinctures.



A word of caution

Before purchasing any hemp-based products, do read the label properly. Black marketers often make unnoticeable changes and sell inappropriate products with unauthorized doses. Make sure that the product provides third-party laboratory tests, reports, and certificates of analysis. Read the label for a proper understanding of the elements used in the product.

Though CBN+CBD products are slowly becoming popular, the existing shreds of evidence are not enough to suggest the exact effects your body might manifest. Do your research and read all the studies thoroughly before employing hemp products in your daily lives.