Cannabis Tea Recipe

Cannabis Tea Recipe 

Stoners explore the world of cooking and doing it yourself, watch this short Stoner Video on how to make your own Cannabis Tea. Follow the step by step procedure and you too can make a yummy cup of “green” tea! Enjoy!

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Cannabis Tea Recipe

One thought on “Cannabis Tea Recipe

  1. kaylest says:

    I like the idea of this recipe, but I just cant get over how gross it is to put anything other than water into the *water* chamber of an automatic brewer. You would be totally fucking up your coffee maker! Not to mention that it is virtually impossible to clean properly after that because gross, if not potentially dangerous, stuff can grow in there if not properly disinfected. Just use a french press. Super easy to clean, and not hard to use. Love how at the end he suggests putting melted gummies into your fucking coffee maker. Yeah, that next pot of coffee at his place is gonna be awesome. Interesting ideas, wrong tool!

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