Stoned and Beautiful – Stoner Pictures

Stoned and Beautiful – Stoner Pictures We are stoned and beautiful. StonerDays loves our fans and want to show the world how we roll our joints. Send us your stoney images and we will show the world how beautiful stoner really are. Stoned and Beautiful – Stoner Pictures


Trichomes; Stoner Guide The entire point of cannabis is to harvest the trichomes and smoke them, which is what contains the THC that gets you high. Stoners have to come to believe that the more trichomes, the better. Frosty weed is highly sought after and the weed that doesn’t glisten like freshly fallen snow is […]

Together We Stay High – Stoney Submissions

Together We Stay High – Stoney Submissions We stay high together. Join the stoner army together we ride, keep your head up no matter the situation. Show your red eyes and be proud to be a stoner. Send StonerDays your stoney images because together we all win. Stay blazed my friends. Together We Stay High […]

One Love – Stoner Submissions

One Love – Stoner Submissions All stoners know how great sweet Mary Jane really is. No matter what your reason for smoking pot is it’s by choose we are not victims of addiction but instead proud, creative, original and most accepting people on earth. Send StonerDays your creative stoney images and together we can show […]

Stoner News; Legal Weed Is Coming

Stoner News; Legal Weed Is Coming The United States is crawling slowly towards the complete legalization of cannabis, one state at a time. After so many years of prohibition, the activists are finally beginning to see the results of their hard work. Regardless of the people who are still trying to speak out against our […]

Stoner Guide; Cannabis And Crystals

Stoner Guide; Cannabis And Crystals The cannabis community spans a wide variety of different people, from classy business people who like toking after a long day’s work to the humble stoner that works three jobs just to pay rent to the chemotherapy patient who just wants to eat a normal meal. It’s absolutely astounding how […]

marijuana and kids

Legal Cannabis And the Youth

Legal Cannabis And the Youth – Stoner Blog Marijuana is becoming more widely accepted but of course, there are still many obstacles that the legalization movement faces. One of the most popular arguments against the plant is that if cannabis is legal, the younger people will be smoking more. Since it’s always important for the […]

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Stoner News; Two More Polls Show Growing Marijuana Support

Stoner News; Two More Polls Show Growing Marijuana Support When a recent poll was released regarding the percent of Americans that supported cannabis legalization, the results were proudly put on display by stoners everywhere. Over half of the citizens in the states want the plant to be legalized, a huge improvement from past years where […]

Stoner News; Easter 2014

Stoner News; Easter 2014 This year, Easter happens to have fallen on April 20th. For those of you that live under a rock, that also happens to be a nationally celebrated pot smoking day, where stoners everywhere do what they do every day… Get high. While not everyone celebrates Easter, those who do (and even […]

Stoner Guide; Raw Cannabis

Stoner Guide; Raw Cannabis There are many different kinds of cannabinoids that are contained in marijuana that assist with the health of the human body. Since there are different ways to ingest cannabis, the benefits are different for each different way. This blog will talk about what raw cannabis can do for us when ingested […]

Colorado Rockies Jump On Pot Concessions

Colorado Rockies Jump On Pot Concessions When attending a sporting event, one always expects to get some junk food. From hamburgers to cotton candy, arenas are always the best place to forget about being healthy and eat something that’s just plain awful for you. With the new marijuana laws, people were definitely curious as to […]

Stoner Guide; Cotton Mouth Cure

Stoners Guide: Cotton Mouth Cure How annoying is it when you’re smoking with your friends and all of a sudden, you realize that your mouth is drier than the desert? Pretty annoying, I know. Not to mention that your breath probably smells like smoke. It happens to everyone when they’re smoking… Cotton mouth is notorious […]

Stoners Rule the World

 Stoners Rule the World – Stoner Pictures What’s up stoners? We gone world wide stoners from around the world are taking over! We are almost there, lets keep pushing, showing this world how smart, beautiful, amazing stoners really are. In time, sweet Mary Jane will fill all our lungs. Be sure to send use your […]

Stoner Guide; Top Five Indica Strains

Stoner Guide; Top Five Indica Strains With two completely different highs, stoners always have a preference of whether they like to primarily smoke indica or sativa cannabis. Of course, there are hybrids but for most, it’s one or the other as a favorite. My personal favorite type of cannabis is the indica strains. They are […]

Stoner Guide; Top Five Sativa Strains

Stoner Guide; Top Five Sativa Strains Stonerdays has been over the benefits of the indica strains of cannabis, the heavy hitters that will leave you stuck on your couch for days at a time. But on the other hand, there are the sativa strains. This type of cannabis is extremely beneficial to those who are […]

Bob Burnquist’s “Dreamland” – A Backyard Progression

Bob Burnquist’s “Dreamland” – A Backyard Progression Among the most influential skateboarders the industry has ever seen, Bob Burnquist is still innovating. In his new webisode series, Burnquist grants his fans exclusive access to the private domain in which so many of his contributions to skateboarding were born, his backyard in Southern California, better known […]

Stoner Guide; Women And Weed

Stoner Guide; Women And Weed Females have a very shadowed role in the cannabis community. A lot of the growers/extractors/glass artists are mostly male, leaving girls a little bit in the dust. Of course, one could argue that the social media pages run by girls who have thousands of followers are the women who headline […]


Wake Up with A Stoner Smile

Wake Up with A Stoner Smile – Stoner Pictures Fan Submitted Rise and Shine you sleepy Stoners! It’s time to Wake Up with A Stoner Smile. Take a rip of the sweet Mary Jane and explore the unknown this morning. Become one with the marijuana plant and find your inner peace. Wanna show the stoner […]


A Beautiful Stoner Morning

A Beautiful Stoner Morning – Stoner Pictures Oh what a beautiful stoner morning it is today. To be able to smell that wonderful kush is truly a delight! Pack a nice fat bowl of that sweet marijuana and enjoy the amazing morning high. Do you love to take totally baked pictures of yourself and others? […]

Stoner News; Weed, Less Harmful Than Sugar

Stoner News; Weed, Less Harmful Than Sugar Marijuana is so dangerous! This is the argument that most stoners here when they admit to smoking marijuana. There’s so study to back up the statement, no facts, just someone who’s been told for years that a naturally growing plant is just plain awful. Not only is their […]

Stoners Peace N Love

Stoners Peace N Love Good Morning beautiful Stoners! Wake N Bake this morning and show off your Stoners Peace N Love attitude. StonerDays believes in a world of peace and love  no matter what you look like, where you come from, or who you are… We love you.  Wanna show your lovely stoner face to […]

Decriminalizes Cannabis 12

Stoner News; Washington DC Decriminalizes Cannabis

Stoner News; Washington DC  Things are really beginning to change in the world regarding marijuana. With Colorado and Washington setting the bar for the industry extremely high (no pun intended), there’s quite a few other states that are interested in seeing where the road will take us. Even though the laws are still fairly new, […]


Stoners Come In Peace

Stoners Come In Peace – Stoner Pictures Wake N Bake up Stoners, it’s time to let the world know that Stoners Come In Peace! StonerDays believes in a world that can live in peace and unity, it’s the stoner way of life. Today show the world your kind stoner heart and give back to mother […]

Stoner Guide; Grades Of Cannabis

Stoner Guide; Grades Of Cannabis Once you’ve correctly learned how to judge the different strains of cannabis, there are different catagories that the strains fall in to. Stoners everywhere have different terms for these categories but the basic idea is all the same. The following gives you the definition, in order of their quality. Because […]


Stoners Daily Meds

Stoners Daily Meds – Stoner Pictures Hello Hello Stoners! Hope you’re enjoying your day so far. Don’t forget to take your Stoner Daily Meds! Pack up those bowls and get to smokin’. Wanna show the stoner world your stoner ways? Send us your stoner pics to [email protected] or click on the button above to upload […]

Stoner Guide; Celebrities And Cannabis

Stoner Guide; Celebrities And Cannabis There is a lot of influence to be held by those in the media spotlight. For some reason, it seems as if they are above the laws. They can sing about cannabis and how much they smoke it, or about the crack cocaine that they sell. And when they occasionally […]

Stoner News; Cannabis And Blindness

Stoner News; Cannabis And Blindness There are many illnesses that cannabis assists with and even cures. With new studies being introduced every day that prove the healing benefits of the plant, it’s hard to deny the healing capabilities it provides. Recently, it has been discovered that cannabis consumption may actually assist with blindness. The reason […]

Stoner Guide; How To Judge Weed

Stoner Guide; How To Judge Weed People judge cannabis all the time. It’s important to a lot of patients to have the strongest strains and the most potent medicine and for stoners? Well stoners just really want to get super high. Since there are so many different strains of bud out there (not to mention […]

Stoner Guide; Pesticide Dangers

Stoner Guide; Pesticide Dangers As with any vegetative matter than can be consumed, there are growers that utilize pesticides to help prevent their crops from getting over taken by bugs. An action like this is understandable, as insects can destroy entire crops of marijuana. From eating the fan leaves to destroying the roots, bugs are […]

Home Grown American Pride

Home Grown American Pride  It’s 4:20pm of this wonderful 4th of July, so blaze it up with your Home Grown American kush! We hope you all are having a great one so far and we wanna remind you not to forget your bomby nugs when watching the fireworks tonight. Wanna show your American stoner pride to […]

Stoners Stay Lifted

Stoners Stay Lifted Good Morning Stoners! Stoners Stay Lifted by Wakin’ and Bakin’ everyday. So roll up a morning joint and start your day by lifting off into the beautiful blue skies above. It may be a little cloudy… if you know what I mean. Do you have what it takes to be a StonerDays […]

Kush It Up Stoners

Kush It Up Stoners Good Morning Stoners, it’s Wake N Bake time and you know what that means, “Kush It Up Stoners! Let’s get baked.” There’s nothing like a great morning bowl of that bomby kush we all love. Wanna show the stoner world your stoner side of life? Send us your stoner pics to […]

Boroballers Glass Jewelry

Boroballers Glass Jewelry; Stoner Accessories Stoners really pride themselves on their glass collections, a fact that most are familiar with. These days, there are many talented glass artists out there that make pieces of all shapes and sizes. There’s glass in every color and hundreds of different forms, each artist with their own unique touch. […]

The Greenshark Grinder

The Greenshark Grinder; Stoner Reviews Making a stoners life easier should be the goal of every company who sells accessories other than clothing. Having tools to get higher faster is really beneficial, especially in today’s day and age where everything is instant and waiting is a thing of the past. One accessory that no one […]


Five Obscure Illnesses Cannabis Helps With

Five Obscure Illnesses Cannabis Helps With Cannabis cures and helps with largely suffered from illnesses like cancer, Alzheimer’s, and depression. A lot of people are talking about cancer especially, since it’s one of the most common causes of death. However, the extent of the illnesses that cannabis helps with is incredible. The list goes on […]

Cannabis And Crohn’s

Cannabis And Crohn’s Crohn’s disease is a serious inflammation of the digestive system. It usually effects the intestines, causing severe pain for the sufferer. There are thousands of people that suffer from Crohn’s. The disease causes abdominal pain, fatigue, loss of appetite, fever, and weight loss, among other more unpleasant symptoms. The treatment of Crohn’s […]

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Stoner Guide; Kief Vs Hash

Stoner Guide; Kief Vs Hash Well… The title may be a bit deceiving because when it comes to it, there is no debate. After asking the stoners of Instagram, the answer is quite clear. Hash is definitely the more popular choice. While both substances come from marijuana, they are two really different ways to smoke… […]

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ISO Extracts

ISO Extracts – Stoner Guide Making extracts with isopropyl alcohol is another safe way (along with ice) to obtain highly concentrated extracts from cannabis. While BHO still seems to be most popular, this method is slowly gaining attention as BHO continues to be proven to be extremely unsafe. However, as always, extracts should be made […]

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Five Stoner Adventure Spots

Five Stoner Adventure Spots Getting high doesn’t always limit people to sitting on their couches. Stoners love to get up and do things. Adventuring is pretty popular among those that smoke, since seeing new things is always fun, not to mention people watching can be even more amusing then usual. It can be difficult to […]

Smokes and Smells like a Stoner

Smokes and Smells like a Stoner Happy 4:2o to all of you Stoner Guys and Gals! Here’s a little stoner quote for ya today; “If It Looks, Smokes and Smells like a Stoner… It must be a Stoner!” Each morning and afternoon StonerDays brings you the best hand picked fan submitted pics. Wanna show the stoner […]


Bong Tokin’ Stoners

Bong Tokin’ Stoners What’s up Stoners! Hope everyones having a great day staying blazed. Grab those bongs and smoke till ya choke! Do you wanna show off your stoner side of life? Send us your stoner pics to [email protected] or click on the button above to upload them. We love to see you guys having […]


Stoners Best Buds

Stoners Best Buds Good Day to all the wonderful Stoners out there in StonerLand! Wake up each day with a stoner smile and pack up those bowls with some of your best buds. Wanna show off your stoner smile to the stoner world? Send us your stoner pics to [email protected] or simply click on the […]

Stoner Guide; Cannabis Doesn’t Stop At Smoking

Stoner Guide; Cannabis Doesn’t Stop At Smoking As people who smoke and utilize cannabis, us stoners project an outward idea that we are all about the healthy life. The fact is, most of us are! There are a lot of stoners that are vegetarian, vegan, or don’t really eat solid foods at all. Not only […]


Back To The Stoner

Back To The Stoner Let’s see those stoned faces. Send StonerDays your stoney submissions. We love our fans and want to show the world how we blaze. Gear up with our Stoner clothing line. THE STONERDAYS ARMY WANTS YOU! Join our Stoner Army and help us show the world what stoners are all about. We […]

Families Moving To CO For Epileptic Children

Families Moving To CO For Epileptic Children CBD has been shown to reduce seizures in children with epilepsy. Unfortunately for parents, the medicine that their children need isn’t always available since cannabis is still illegal in most states. In order to solve this problem, there have been many families that have completely uprooted and moved […]


Wakey Wakey Eggs and Bakey

Wakey Wakey Eggs and Bakey – Stoner Pics (Yawn) (Yawn) Ok no more Yawning stoners, it’s time to Wakey Wakey Eggs and Bakey! Start your day off right with the most important meal of the day Eggs, Bacon, and some Marijuana!! Sounds good right? Do you love taking fun pictures of you smoking it up? Send […]


Medicated Hummus; Stoner Cookbook

Medicated Hummus; Stoner Cookbook One of my good friends sent me this recipe and it looks really delicious actually. I don’t tend to like hummus but I would definitely recommend trying this recipe out if you’re looking for something new to try. Not only that but hummus has amazing health benefits, including high amounts of […]


Stoners Are Here Daily Pics Of Pot

Stoners Are Here Daily Pics Of Pot Stoners are here all day everyday. You will find stoners from around the world getting stoned. We want you to get stoned and take a pic. Be as creative as possible and we will do the rest. Take your cameras outdoors and just enjoy life. Send your stoner pics […]


Stoner Time Daily Pictures

Stoner Time Daily Pictures Fat joints daily. Here for you. Taken by you. Sent by you. Send your killer stoner photos to [email protected] or upload them on our Stoner Submissions page here’s a link. See you at 420 stay blazed stoners, stay blazed. Stoner Time Daily Pictures


Cannabis Carrying Cat Gets Busted

Cannabis Carrying Cat Gets Busted It’s common knowledge that stoners love pets. Dogs, cats, bunnies, whatever. For some reason, the pets are always a staple in a smokers life. However, it’s quite unusual for the pets to be the dealers, right? Someone decided that their furry feline friend would be the perfect cover to covertly […]


Stoners Union Daily Submissions

Stoners Union Daily Submissions Stoners Union Daily Submissions A stoners union is what we need. Stoners joined as one a haven of care free people. Join us and send your creative stoner pictures. Each day your stoner photos are posted hand picked by stoners for stoners. We are looking for creative thinking so get blazed […]

Stoner Guide; Clear Papers

Stoner Guide; Clear Papers There are so many different kinds of rolling paper that stoners can smoke these days. Some, like Shine Rolling Papers, catch the eye of easily amused stoners quite well. Printed with cool designs (or made of 24 karat gold leaf), rolling papers are a staple to any stoner’s smoking collection, even […]

A Stoners Haven

A Stoners Haven A Stoners Haven A place where life seems to slow down, where you can relax and enjoy your surroundings, breath in the air, and smoke your marijuana StonerDays. You the daily stoner make this site what it is today, we want you to get involved take your smoking pics and be creative, […]


Wake N Bake Stoner Submissions

Wake N Bake Stoner Submissions Good morning fellow stoners time to get that morning Wake N Bake going with your favorite marijuana site StonerDays. Thanks to all those who support this site made by stoners for stoners. Send us your favorite smoking pictures, outdoor stoner events, fat bong rips, smoke tricks, and anything you consider […]


Stoner News – Parent’s File Lawsuit To Get Extracts For Their Son

Stoner News – Parent’s File Lawsuit To Get Extracts For Their Son People from all over the country are moving to places where medical marijuana is available for their children. There are hundreds of kids that suffer from seizure disorders and as more people try, it seems that cannabis is an excellent cure for the […]


Daily Dabbing

Daily Dabbing   We got your Daily Dabbing here. These marijuana pictures come from around the world all shattered together in one photo gallery. StonerDays wants your stoner photos, lets see how you smoke your weed. Send your stoner photos to our Stoney Submissions for a chance to be featured on the site. We will […]

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Stoner Guide; Five Dank Songs To Smoke With

Stoner Guide; Five Dank Songs To Smoke With There’s so many different kinds of artists out there that are making music so it’s extremely difficult to make a list because there’s always someone who wants their favorite smoking song included. While I can’t include everyone, I’ve tried to make this short list pretty diverse. As […]

The OmniHV

The OmniHV; Stoner Reviews The OmniHV™ is a specialized smoking product, custom machined in Colorado, USA from a high-grade anodized aluminum alloy. OmniHV™ was created with the intention of enhancing your smoking experience, offering a simple and refined method of manipulating your tobacco and herbal products. OmniHV™ comes equipped with several essential smoking utilities, including: […]


Daily Stoner Submits

Daily Stoner Submits Wake N Bake with us  everyday and check out all your amazing pictures. A big thanks to all our StonerDays fans. If you would like to be featured on the site just simple smoke some weed take some pics and send them to your favorite site where stoners around the world come […]

Stoner Guide; Same Strain, Different Colors?

Stoner Guide; Same Strain, Different Colors? Knowing your strains these days is extremely difficult. There are so many different kinds of bud out there, it’s hard to believe that anyone could pinpoint what a bud is just from a photo of it. Even the most experience grower should be weary of viewing different kinds of […]

Stoner Guide; More Types Of Stoners

Stoner Guide; More Types Of Stoners The types of stoners seems to be popular, mostly because people seem to enjoy knowing what kind of stoner category they fall in to. Stonerdays has already gone over twenty different kinds of stoners. But thanks to the help of a stoner friend of mine, we managed to come […]

Wake Up To Bake Up – Stoner Pics

Wake Up To Bake Up – Stoner Pics Hope everyone had a good wake n bake this morning!! Thanks for your amazing daily submissions. Each day stoners are smoking mary jane and taking the coolest pics. Send us your smoking pics to [email protected] or click here to upload them. Thanks for the support. Wake Up […]


Stoners Embrace the Good Life

Stoners Embrace the Good Life “Stoners Embrace the Good Life!’ Everyday wake up with a smile and live the life you were meant to live! Pack up a bowl of the sweet marijuana and embrace the high. Do you love taking pics while you’re faded? Send us your stoner pics to [email protected] or click on […]

Stoner Guide; Painting And Smoking

Stoner Guide; Painting And Smoking Stoners love to smoke a ton of weed and produce awesome art. Stoners that paint can create amazing images that everyone can enjoy. But why is painting so beneficial? It’s more then just creating pretty photos. Stoners have managed to acquire the master artist stereotype over the years and to […]


Stoners Best Friend

Stoners Best Friend Good morning and welcome back to your daily stoner submissions. Where you the daily stoners showing the world how you smoke your weed. Staying blazed can be they most relaxing part of your day and we want to be apart of it. Send us your creative smoking pictures for a chance to […]

Stoner News; UK Cannabis Death Seems Unlikely

Stoner News; UK Cannabis Death Seems Unlikely Cannabis enthusiasts are well aware that in order to overdose on marijuana, one would have to consume about 1500 pounds of the plant in less than fifteen minutes in order to over dose on THC and even then, it’s more likely that one would die from oxygen deprivation. […]

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Stonerdays Stoner Clothing

Stonerdays Stoner Clothing Winter is almost over and if you haven’t gotten a Stonerdays hoodie, it’s about time to start thinking about your summer clothes. Fortunately for you, you’ve got a large variety of choices if you’re looking for some sweet new stoner apparel and you happen to be shopping at Stonerdays. From tank tops […]

The Stoners Dance

The Stoners Dance Fan Submitted   And we dance, and we sing, and blaze every morning. Wake up and blaze with us everyday. Send in your stoney photos to [email protected] or simple click the Updated Daily button above. We are looking for anything creative and are on the hunt for creative minds. We want YOU!! […]

Action Bronson Lights Up On-Stage

Action Bronson Lights Up On-Stage Stoners favorite the New York based rapper Action Bronson, who is never ashamed to show off his cannabis habits. But as we all know, not everyone is as accepting as smoking as we would like them to be. Action Bronson learned this the hard way while performing on stage at […]

Stoner Guide; Two Sides To The Fight

Stoner Guide; Two Sides To The Fight Cannabis is an extremely huge issue today in our society. We are at war over a plant, with some people claiming that it kills and that it’s a serious danger while others are studying, researching, and gathering information to prove that cannabis is an asset to the human […]


Happy Hump Day Stoners

Happy Hump Day Stoners Happy Hump Day Stoners here are some of our Sexiest girl humps on StonerDays. Each one of these beautiful girl smokes that sweet Mary Jane. Send in your pics by simple click the above button. We always excepting your stoney photos, outdoor smoking adventures, sweet bongs, smoke tricks, sexy stoners, hump […]