Five More Stoner Smoking Songs

Five More Stoner Smoking Songs

We all know that stoners love music and making playlists can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for. Theres quite a lot of music to pick from in the world today so having assistance can sometimes be necessary. If you’re leaving the house and can’t tune in to the Stonerdays Radio that we offer, we’re working on putting together a compilation of lists to help you find some good tunes for your every day travels.

– “Get Lit” ASAP Rocky

Pretty much a straightfoward title, the song is about smoking weed and… Well… Smoking weed. Of course, there’s some ladies thrown in there, which is the classic formula for a song like this. Definitely an awesome background beat to have playing during a smoke session with friends.

– “Pursuit Of Happiness” Kid Cudi

A totally chill song, you’ll really want to add this one to your iTunes library. If you haven’t heard this yet, you really haven’t been paying attention. Probably his biggest hit so far, Kid Cudi really nailed it on this track. Buy it, download it, whatever. Just listen to it!

– “Dr. Green Thumb” Cypress Hill

This has got to be my favorite Cypress Hill Song. The intro is hilarious, also giving you a chance to yell at everyone to be quiet so that they can enjoy the epicness of this song. The beat is also great and makes for a great summer cruising song when you’re on a late night munchies run.

– “Makin’ Love To The Money” Gucci Mane

While I don’t really think the lyrics are anything to write home about, this song seems to be a decent thing to play for some background noise. Again, a good cruising song that has a good beat that’ll at least keep you entertained. Even if you can’t relate to the words, you should keep this song in your library for one of those days.

– “Stay The Night” Zedd

An incredibly uplifting song including the incredible vocals of Paramore singer Hayley Williams, Stay The Night is a great tune that works when you’re driving, when you’re just hanging out, or when you and your friends need something to sing along to (if you can manage to stop giggling at the bad singing long enough to actually sing anything coherent).

What are you listening to when you smoke? Submit your stoner playlist to [email protected] for a chance to see your iTunes favorites on!