Eyce Water Pipe

Eyce Water Pipe; Stoner Review

The Eyce Mold and Accessory Kit is everything you need to freeze your very own water pipes at home. The kit comes with the Silicone Mold, Core Pin, Grommet, Down Stem, Mouth Piece, Stand and User Manual. (Slide not included)


These 6 pieces create a revolutionary new kit that is the first of it’s kind. Everyone owns a glass water pipe, now is your chance to get creative and be the first to own a water pipe completely made out of ice! Not only is Eyce fun and exciting to use, but our water pipe’s deliver the coldest, smoothest, cleanest smoke imaginable. All Eyce products are high quality and long lasting. Discover the possibilities for yourself, and give this one of a kind water pipe a try!


A few tips when creating and making your Eyce Water Pipe.

  • Be Patient! Don’t try to rush the freezing or de-molding process.
  • Be sure to place the piece back in the freezer after de-molding to allow the grommet to freeze to the ice creating the airtight seal for a better smoking experience.
  • being that it is a short straight tube bong, clear the piece slow when smoking to avoid back splash.
  • Tilt the piece back slightly when smoking, almost like when hitting a short pipe in order to keep the lighter flame away from your face.
  • Making Eyce pipes is fun, exciting and can become an art form, don’t be discouraged if the first one doesn’t come out perfect
  • Have fun and enjoy your creations!

Be sure to check out Eyce Water Pipes at www.eycemolds.com

StonerDays Review:

The fun is endless and so are the possibilities! Make sure your patient, we recommend letting your Eyce water pipe sit in the freezer over night. We were excited and didn’t wait for it to freeze completely like instructed to do, so being a little inpatient with our first attempt the Eyce water pipe didn’t turn out so hot. Our second time around we were ready sitting in the spa, we enjoyed the cool hits from the Eyce water pipe. After we finished we ate the pipe, it was great thanks Eyce for such a great unique idea and a great topic piece!

Eyce Water Pipe; Stoner Review

Lighter Bro

Lighter Bro; Stoner Reviews 

Here are some facts about the LighterBro multi-tool that can help you review:

  • 100% stainless (hardened 420- series stainless imported from Japan)
  • Fits snugly around a standard Bic lighter.

lighter bro blk 1


 The shape is unique and resembles a japanese katana blade.  It is double-V ground and is thoroughly heat treated 420 series stainless steel.  It comes out of the box extremely sharp.  After 2 weeks (with no sharpening) of cutting everything from nylon, wood, spectra rope, to cardboard, it still very sharp.  The flat tip also functions as a flat-head screwdriver.  Always hand to have!

Micro-Phillips Screwdriver (000):

Fits my glasses perfectly.  I took apart half of my sony camera and my old Mac Book Pro with it.  This long thin tools works as a poker as well.  It cleaned out my iPhone ports and cleaned out the pipe.


 Usually you don’t see scissors that cut well on tools under $15, but these cut amazingly well.  They has a good feel and cut thin stretchy plastic, fabric, nylon cord, cardboard, and even thick paperboard.  The cut was clean and through for the entire length of the blade.  The return spring is smooth and is riveted into the base so it cannot fall out.

 lighter bro

Bottle Opener:

 The bottom of the tool has an opening that will grab a bottle cap and pop it off with ease.  It is rare you find the opener feature permanently deployed and yet doesn’t not stick out and add to the the dimension of the tool.


 This is an all Stainless steel, hardened, and polished to a very attractive and durable finish. The logo is laser engraved and does not fade with use.  LighterBro has a gold version which is the same material, only it has the same Titanium Nitride coating used on Milling machine cutters and high-end drill bits.  The case is also designed to hold and dispense organic hemp wick.  One of the samples I sent you has the hemp wick already loaded.

 Lighter Bro blk

The quality was on par with the well known tools costing twice as much.  MSRP is $9.99 for LighterBro silver and $12.99 for gold.


  • Knife
  • micro-phillips (size 000) screwdriver
  • poker
  • scissors
  • flathead screw driver
  • Bottle opener
  • Bic Lighter

We are very proud that the tools fits around the lighter so well and barely add to the size of the lighter.  It really transforms the feel of a cheap plastic Lighter, into something you are proud to own! Buy yours today at lighterbro.com

StonerDays Review:

The Lighter Bro is great I really enjoy it’s sleek design. Turning your average lighter into a useful tool.

Lighter Bro; Stoner Reviews

My Kasher

My Kasher; Stoner Review

Kicked bowls are a pain. If there are bits of crusty burnt up weed stuck to the inside of your bowl, getting them out can get messy. Some people use their fingers, some use a pen, pretty much anything that they can find with a small point that will be able to dig up that smoked weed. Stoners have been breaking their bowls with these primitive tools for far too long and it’s about time that someone did something about it. Thankfully, the Kasher is available for all stoners, a great little device that clips on to your lighter and allows for easy, painless ash removal from your piece.

stoner review kasher stonerdays

The Kasher is a small piece of metal designed to wrap about the standard Bic lighter. The top clips near where you light the lighter, tapering to a point on one side. When the Kasher is slid down the lighter, the point becomes exposed, allowing the stoner to empty the smoked bud in to an ashtray or other receptacle. When you’re done using it, the Kasher slides back up to its resting place, laying flat against the lighter. It can go with you where ever your lighter can, since the two are kind of attached.

Since I’ve had the Kasher, I no longer have to take bobby pins out of my hair when I’m packing a new bowl. My hair accessories thank me. Not only that but the Kasher doubles as a sort of scraper for kief that gets plastered to the grinder walls. You know, the stuff that’s almost impossible to get. Some stoners even report using the Kasher as a makeshift dabber when there isn’t one available.

stoner review kasher stonerdays

This stoner accessory is a definite must have for the stoner who doesn’t want to waste any more money on bobby pins and is tired of using random objects to scrape out bowls. On a scale of 1-10 on the Stoner Must Have scale, I give the Kasher a 7/10. My only qualm with the product is that the Kasher can be difficult to get on the lighter and sometimes scratches up the surface a bit. It’s recommended that you buy a boring Bic to add the Kasher too. That way, it doesn’t scrape away any images on the Bic that you happen to like (Everyone knows stoners love those crazy gas station lighters). You should definitely give the Kasher a try and you get two of them for $6.00 on the website, located at www.mykasher.com. Enjoy this awesome stoner accessory!

My Kasher; Stoner Review