Fox News Releases Poll That Supports Cannabis Legalization

Fox News Releases Poll That Supports Cannabis Legalization

Before you call me crazy, yes I am talking about the Fox News that we’re all familiar with. The one that refused to show support for marijuana… Up until now. With the public pressing for more marijuana information, the media giant Fox had no choice but to release something that they’re not too fond of; FACTS. But even Fox can’t argue with what the people are saying. And the people are saying that they want to see marijuana legalized.

In a poll that was recently done by Fox News, 51% of Americans want to see marijuana legalized like in Colorado, Washington, Alaska, etc. Since the internet provides such a great outlet to find information, people are beginning to see that marijuana is more than just some gateway drug that makes teens deflate like sad balloons.

Since 2001, the number of people that oppose marijuana legalization has dropped drastically. At the same time, the amount of people who support marijuana legalization has risen at the same rate. Back in 2001, only 26% of people supported legalization and even though the 51% is only a 1% jump from last year, the number is still climbing. Other polls have different results, however, as is to be expected of surveys like this. A similar poll done by CBS News found that there were 53% of Americans that supported marijuana legalization. In March, the General Social Survey released the information that 52% of Americans supported cannabis legalization. Numerous other polls had different results but the numbers usually rested around 51-54%.

Support of marijuana legalization should continue to grow over the next few years, even though some polls show that the numbers dropped over the last year. This is probably due mostly to scare tactics and the media focusing on the mostly negative news about marijuana. Although, as said above, the ability to connect to the internet gives people the ability to fact check for themselves. When they learn something new about marijuana, they can double check the information in a split second. With the help of the internet and the people who are working hard to get marijuana accepted, we can hope that the plant will be legalized soon.

Fox News Releases Poll That Supports Cannabis Legalization

Six Problems With Legalization

Six Problems With Legalization

We all knew that legalization wouldn’t be the end of our fight for cannabis. The plant isn’t even fully legal in every state yet and people are still having a hard time grasping the concept. Most of us still can’t figure out why people hate a plant so much in the first place. It’s no surprise that stoners have found multiple issues with the legalization model set forth by Colorado and here are the six top things that potheads are complaining about.

1. The limit

Residents are limited to only buy up to an ounce of marijuana, as well as the age restriction preventing anyone from getting their hands on bud if they’re under 21. There was a group of activists that tried to propose that everyone should be able to buy as much as they want but a seeing as how a similar measure was recently presented (and shot down) that this one will follow suit.


2. The price

If you saw the photo circulating the internet of the receipt from the legal marijuana purchases, you know about the incredibly high tax that has been applied to the plant. The photo shows the purchase of a $60 eighth of cannabis, with the taxes applied was totaled at $100. That’s an insanely high tax amount but people are still willing to pay it. At 25%, the tax is almost high enough to deter people from wanting to buy legal bud. Even though the 25% is expensive, there is also a state sales tax as well.

weed and money


3. Too many stores

Washington is basically drowning in applications of people wanting to sells and grow pot. There have been over 2800 requests for licenses to grow alone since the state approved legal weed.



4. The food stamp question

You can’t buy marijuana with food stamps and there’s no reason why people should be able to. While marijuana is considered a medicine, it is only available to those who pay in cash. A few Colorado Republicans have proposed a bill stating that cannabis be added to the list of places where EBT cards are not accepted as tender. The list includes casinos, gun shops, and liquor stores.



5. Growers dodging taxes

There are about 5000 people in Colorado that are allowed to grow cannabis but the state’s chief medical examiner says that because the state is so lax with who’s growing, there are many people that have plants for far more than just the allotted five people. There is a worry that these will become commercial growers that are just avoiding taxes and will wind up costing a lot of money for the state.



6. Vendors not following rules

While the state wants vendors to package their product in specified packaging, there are some places that just won’t do it. As of right now, there’s no stated punishment for this offense but it’s just something that seems to be causing issues with a lot of people.


Six Problems With Legalization – Stoner Blog