Stoner Guide; Cotton Mouth Cure

Stoners Guide: Cotton Mouth Cure

How annoying is it when you’re smoking with your friends and all of a sudden, you realize that your mouth is drier than the desert? Pretty annoying, I know. Not to mention that your breath probably smells like smoke. It happens to everyone when they’re smoking… Cotton mouth is notorious for sneaking up on stoners everywhere and ruining a good time! There are a few simple and AWESOME ways to fix cotton mouth, from chewing gum to ice cream!

Iced Tea

My personal favorite cure for cotton mouth in the summer would be iced tea or lemonade. Probably more so iced tea. It’s refreshing, especially in the heat and cures cotton mouth instantly, especially the unsweetened tea because there isn’t any sugar. In the winter, I love to heat up apple cider in the microwave. If you’re in for the night, add some Sailor Jerry to the mug! The spiced rum with the apple is a sure way to cancel out cotton mouth and warm you up on a freezing winter night! [Drink responsibly!]


For some reason, I seem to remember reading somewhere that Mountain Dew is an excellent cotton mouth cure. The only qualm I have with that statement is that Mountain Dew might possibly reinforce the bad breath thing. While I agree that Dew tastes good, I don’t think that it would be an awesome cure for cotton mouth. If you want to drink a soda, I recommend Izze! It’s got carbonation but it’s healthier than soda and doesn’t have as much sugar, which means a better cure for dry mouth!

Remember in grade school, there used to be that zebra gum with the tacky tattoos on the wrapper? Well they still sell that and it works great to get rid of cotton mouth! Of course, you’re limited to chewing it for about five minutes. The flavor doesn’t last long but in the five minutes that you chew it, your cotton mouth will vanish!


I mentioned ice cream up there didn’t I? Well it’s true! Eating some ice cream will eliminate your desire for munchies AND get rid of the sandy feeling in your mouth! I mean come on. You can’t tell me that eating a whole thing of Rocky Road when you’re baking doesn’t sound like the best idea on a day off from work.


What NOT to drink when you have cotton mouth? Stay away from things like coffee and milk. Those two in particular seem to hinder the fixing of dry mouth. You don’t want to be drinking things that are going to make your problem worse. Another favorite of mine is Redbull. The first sip you take of an ice cold Redbull is awesome, especially when you’re stoned! Everyone has their own ways to combat cotton mouth! What’s your favorite cure?