Reporter Quits Live On Air

Reporter Quits Live On Air

Reporter Charlo Greene quit on-air during KTVA-TV’s 10 p.m. newscast Sunday, revealing herself as the owner of the medical marijuana business Alaska Cannabis Club and telling viewers that she would be using all of her energy to fight for legalizing marijuana in Alaska.

Greene had reported on the Alaska Cannabis Club during Sunday night’s broadcast, without revealing her connection to it. At the end of the report, during a live shot, she announced that she was the club’s owner and would be quitting.

“Now everything you’ve heard is why I, the actual owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club, will be dedicating all of my energy toward fighting for freedom and fairness, which begins with legalizing marijuana here in Alaska,” she said. “And as for this job, well, not that I have a choice but, fuck it, I quit.”

And with that, she walked off camera.

Alaska Cannabis Club had urged its Facebook followers to tune in to the broadcast Sunday evening.

Reached later, Greene said KTVA had no idea she was going to quit, or that she was connected to the Alaska Cannabis Club.

Asked why she quit in such a dramatic way, she said, “Because I wanted to draw attention to this issue. And the issue is medical marijuana. Ballot Measure 2 is a way to make medical marijuana real … most patients didn’t know the state didn’t set up the framework to get patients their medicine.”

“If I offended anyone, I apologize, but I’m not sorry for the choice that I made,” she said.

In a statement posted on KTVA’s Facebook page Sunday night, news director Bert Rudman said, “We sincerely apologize for the inappropriate language used by a KTVA reporter during her live presentation on the air tonight. The employee has been terminated.”

Started in April, the Alaska Cannabis Club connects medical marijuana cardholders with other cardholders who are growing cannabis. Growers are offered “donations” as reimbursement for the costs of growing marijuana, the club said in an interview with Alaska Dispatch News in August. The club said it hopes to increase access to medical marijuana patients, despite operating in a legal gray area within Alaska’s murky medical marijuana laws.

Video clips of the broadcast were quickly uploaded to YouTube and shared on Reddit Sunday night.

Marijuana legalization opposition group “Big Marijuana. Big Mistake. Vote No on 2” posted on its Twitter page “#KTVA reporter covering ballot measure 2 loses her mind, confesses to being an owner of the cannabis club and quits while on the air.”

Alaska voters will decide on Nov. 4 whether to legalize recreational use of pot in the state, as Colorado and Washington have.

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Reporter Quits Live On Air

Stings Show No Underage Sales

Stings Show No Underage Sales; Stoner News

We all know that cops like to mess with the people who are following the laws set forth by the states regarding marijuana. Colorado hasn’t crumbled in to the sea, crime is down, and there is more money coming in to help fund school programs. In all honesty, it seems like the legalization in Colorado couldn’t be better. People are happy with how it’s been going. But that of course doesn’t stop the cops from attempting to catch people doing wrong. Loads of stings have been conducted, yielding nothing more then reinforcement that the shops in Colorado are doing what they should be.


When the plant first became legal in Colorado, there were a lot of crazy parents and anti marijuana crusaders that warned others of the dangers that children faced. With marijuana legal, clearly the young children will be able to get their hands on it easily. What people seemed to be ignoring is the fact that even alcohol gets in to the hands of minors… Yet that’s still sold. At almost every corner store, you can purchase some sort of liquor drink. And the argument that edibles look like regular candy? There are wine coolers that look like juice boxes.


So with all of these stings happening around Colorado, you would think that at least one place would’ve been busted for selling the plant to those who aren’t of age to purchase it. Nope. Not a single shop has been found to be selling to those that are underage. In fact, officials have been admitting that carrying marijuana legally and regulating it like alcohol has decreased the amount of children’s hands that the plant ends up in. Not only were the naysayers wrong, they were trying to drag people away from progress.


Legal marijuana is still a program that needs work but with such positive results like this, people are sure to start seeing how great regulating marijuana can be. With boosted tourism sales, increased state revenue, and a lower percentage of underage kids getting bud, it’s hard to deny the green takeover. The future can only hold positive things for the marijuana community!

Stings Show No Underage Sales; Stoner News

Votes To Cut DEA Funding On Cannabis Raids

Votes To Cut DEA Funding On Cannabis Raids; Stoner News

Last month, stoners everywhere celebrated when the House in Washington passed an amendment that restricts the Drug Enforcement Administration from targeting medical marijuana operations in the states that have passed laws saying that cannabis is medically allowed as well as recreational. Even though the amendment needs to jump a few more hurdles before becoming set in stone, this news is great for the cannabis community, as this is the first time that an amendment like this has done well in the House. This sign means that those involved in politics are beginning to maybe realize that marijuana is not that bad.


The following day after the House passed this first amendment, another one went through saying that the DEA couldn’t use taxpayer funds to interfere with hemp research either. This is absolutely amazing, seeing as how the use of hemp could drastically change the way we live our lives should we be allowed to grow and study it. Providing the operation is legal, the House doesn’t think that the DEA should be allowed to butt themselves in to the business. This amendment comes from the DEA’s attempt to seize hemp seeds that were intended for the Kentucky hemp pilot program in early May. Again, this amendment needs to go through many obstacles before it is official but it is a great step towards cannabis acceptance.


Even though the Obama administration promised to back off of medical marijuana dispensaries, raids have increased during his time as President. When he was first put in to office, Obama swore to cut back the raids, gaining support of those who condoned marijuana use for patients. Unfortunately, the President didn’t tell the truth and these two amendments are direct rebukes against the President, Attorney General Eric Holder, and the Director of the DEA Michele Leonhart. These people, while telling citizens that they will back off, have continued to arrest those who are compliant with their state’s marijuana laws.

Votes To Cut DEA Funding On Cannabis Raids; Stoner News


Marijuana Edibles

Marijuana Edibles; Stoner News

As cannabis becomes legal in certain states, there are bound to be problems that pop up. However, nothing prepared the cannabis community for the headlines that appeared recently about the death of a young Colorado tourist that jumped to his death off of a hotel balcony, reportedly after consuming cannabis edibles. The Denver Post reported that Levy Thamba, age 19, ingested cannabis cookies and became agitated. After his friends in the apartment “subdued” him, the teenager managed to get out of bed and jump to his death from the balcony.


Edibles are far different then just simply smoking a bowl. Most seasoned stoners are aware that the effects from eating anything containing marijuana gives an extremely euphoric feeling, sometimes even rivaling floating on clouds. Edibles are amazing for people in extreme pain, especially when made with pain fighting strains or especially good for those patients who have lung problems and can’t smoke or dab like others. These cannabis infused treats are great for some patients and it’s quite upsetting to see such a great use of medicine get put in to such a negative spotlight.


Thamba’s untimely death is extremely unfortunate but the Denver police are still investigating. The fact that Thamba is under the age of 21 is suspicious to start, seeing as how that is the legal age to consume marijuana in Colorado. The police say that the person who gave the edibles to the teen may be held accountable. Also, it would have been incredibly smart of the friends in the hotel room to immediately call 911 when Thamba started acting agitated. However, it makes sense that they didn’t seeing as how they were all underage (much like the alcohol or bad trip mindset that some people have… But if something is wrong, something is wrong and the proper steps need to be taken!!)

The potency of the edibles produced in Colorado must contain less then 100 milligrams of THC per edible. So one brownie could potentially contain that much THC. However, 100 milligrams of THC is about ten servings, which is a good amount. Most edibles are supposed to be eaten over time, in bits and pieces. But due to the overzealous nature of humans in general, most of the users that are eating these treats are eating way too much, way too fast. Not only that but edibles take around an hour to take effect, making some people think that they’re not working and then they proceed to ingest more. This results in edibles being looked at in a negative light, solely because people are stupid and don’t do their research before they ingest cannabis edibles.


Patients need these kinds of medicine in order to feel better. While recreational users get the benefit of being able to possess and purchase edibles as well, it’s important for the people running the shops inform buyers of the tolerance levels, the amount needed to consume, and any other information that may prevent something like this from happening ever again. It all starts with information. People need to be educated on these effects of any cannabis products, including edibles, concentrates, and the buds themselves.

Marijuana Edibles; Stoner News

Missouri Professor Busted For Grow Op After Facebook Threat

Missouri Professor Busted For Grow Op After Facebook Threat

Professor Matthew Rouch of Nothwest Missouri State University was being investigated for a mass shooting threat when police raided his house in search of weapons.


However, after a thorough search, the police yielded nothing… Except the exposure of a massive grow operation in the communications professor’s home. Weirdly enough, I went to college for communications… I guess people who are interested in media also tend to gravitate towards being stoners. 😉

Rouch posted a threatening message on Facebook regarding his thoughts on a mass shooting. The post reportedly read;

“[I am optimistic at the start of the school year…] but by October, I’ll be wanting to get up to the top of the bell tower with a high powered rifle with a good scope and probably a Gatling gun as well.”


While threats of violence aren’t to be taken lightly, I’m sure that most people reading this have read more threatening things on Instagram comments. The threat of the post was enough to spark a police investigation of the professor’s home, which eventually turned up no guns or weapons. Unfortunately, the cops did uncover the grow up that Rouch was growing. There was apparently a large amount of plants under lights, as well as multiple baggies prepped for distribution, and quite a few glass pieces.

Unfortunately for Rouch, cops tend to take Facebook posts very seriously. In my opinion, threatening to shoot up a school (whether it be a joke or not) while tending to a large grow op in an illegal state is probably not the best idea. The professor now faces charges of production and distribution of a controlled substance.


While growing pot, one must remember that it is best to stay as far under the radar as possible. It’s not smart to draw too much attention to yourself because you may end up getting caught over something absurd, like a Facebook post. I don’t know if Rouch was serious in his statement to advance to gun violence and I sincerely hope not. Potheads, from my experience, tend to stay pretty nonviolent most of the time.

Missouri Professor Busted For Grow Op After Facebook Threat