Sex and Weed Lose your mind and find your pleasure

Weed and Sex: Lose your mind and find your pleasure

Weed and Sex “Lose your mind and find your pleasure”

Everything is heightened when high. Sense of smell, touch & eyesight. It could be sunset and you may have smoked enough of the herb that you need your shades on. Colors are amazing and music hits your soul. So right it has you hitting the replay button more than your neighbors like. Sex and weed. Hand in hand. Not even a question. But whats the make up behind why it’s so damn good? The human brain is the command center of the nervous system. It contains over 86 billion nerve fibers and a trillion connections. You probably know the brain to have 4 sections. The frontal, parietal, temporal and occipital. So where is sex located in the brain? located in the limbic system. the euphoric and pleasurable zone.

Did you know there has been testing done giving humans orgasims by touching different parts of their brain?

The brain is the largest sex organ ( sorry boys dicks don’t count) controlling the biological urge. All thoughts and feelings. The act of sex (emotions feelings) comes from many different parts of the brain. The most known chemical reactions to sex. Euphoric pleasures comes from the limbic. The limbic is responsible for the key functions of the human body. Which can also be apart of a cannabis and human creativity.

Sex and Weed Lose your mind and find your pleasure

No doubt that sex becomes quite a complicated action and can be am extremely hard action for many people.

Many women experience “ painful penetration” or are even “ allergic” to their partners. This allergic reaction to their partner can come in a few forms but the most common is. Allergic to ones sperm. Although it is quite uncommon it is also very common. Men can have erectile dysfunction and the most uncommon ( but again quite common) can ejaculate early. Bringing it around to how weed plays apart in sex. This has been quite an unscientific scientific factor for many Drs. And specialists.

Word of mouth. Is the he said she said when it comes to the missing equation of weed in the bedroom. Many say they feel a deeper connection to their partner others say once they smoke, they lose all ability to perform the easiest tasks. Others say that it helps them relax making sex more enjoyable if they do happen to experience a sexual dysfunction. There is a company that does make weed lube. Its weed and coconut oil to help make sex more pleasurable for women who experience painful penetration by losing/ relaxing the walls.

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Because the limbic system is the control center for all emotions and weed is a trigger to emotions

Where you can have the greatest time of your life or the worst time in your life. It really becomes a he said she said. In this case my suggestion is “ a little goes a long away”. Find your perfect high. If that’s 6 blunts and a bong toke or a small hoot off a one hooter. Find your perfect high. Begin the act sooner than later. While the energy is high. Where it may be a challenge for you to be full focused on one act at a time. You may enjoy the fact that sex allows you to have many actions going at once. Use this to explore your body. Work with hot and colds. Maybe this is the time to add in some toys.

The great thing about weed is that it does allow you to “ lose your mind”. In the sense of it allows you to forget and just live. This might be the perfect time to explore your sexual fantasies. Instead of letting the “loss of focus” hinder you. Use it in a positive way and let it allow you to explore different parts of yourself or your partner all at once. A hand to the foot while your mouth explores a nipple may create a new feeling for you. If you happen to not like something. Let it go. Again because of the nature of weed and the lack of focus it can bring. Letting go of an action that did not serve you can be easier high then not.

If you experience anxiety around sex – For whatever reason – Maybe it is a past trauma leaving a sour taste in your mouth. Adding weed into the bedroom could help you relieve that unwanted tension. If this is you, then you may want to explore weed and sex in a slow movement way. Smoke a little with your partner again finding your perfect high relax sip some tea ( i suggest a nice calming tea) Allow your partner to explore your body with a nice erotic massage. While the muscles relax you may feel yourself feeling lighter/carefree. Allowing your lady parts ( or manly parts) relax, and do what they were made to do. Create a natural lubrication to make penetration easy and enjoyable. Or. Increase blood flow to the penis.

There are many many different ways you can add weed into the bedroom.

And many ways to create a wonderful experience for you and your partner. The beautiful part of weed. Is that it allows you to “ lose your mind”. As an artist myself i can 100% say that once you find your perfect high anything on weed is simply more enjoyable. I am personally loving the fact that weed is now legal in Canada. Because it lets me explore myself with the different varieties of weed. Putting each strain to action on the different parts of my brain.

Sex is art. It is the purest form of art you can have. It’s an expression of yourself.

Being able to lose a sense of stress associated with having a peak performance during sex. Is a weight off many people’s shoulders. From porn stars to mum and dad just trying to enjoy a night with no kids.

Writer: Megan Thiessen